Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happenings from Casa De Sanctuary.....

Thanx for stopping in at the Casa,the weather is getting a tad cooler in these parts come sit and i will turn my fireplace to warm you and maybe a cup of Chai to warm your inner self.

Today Sunday September 27th is a month that i have been here with the residency. I continue to believe that time does fly... I am settled in home and studio loving every inch inside and out. The creativity is flowing for which i am so grateful for. Being surrounded by creatives is like breathing fresh air but in my case ideas,thoughts and insights.

My space has been blessed with the diverse presence of friends and blessings of friends,the culinary side of me has spilled out and so i cook for a couple of reasons one being i enjoy cooking/baking and 2. one does not have the ethnic food choices in this neck of the woods which in many ways ends up being a blessing on the pocket book.

I am trying to keep most of my dollars in my community by supporting local businesses,farmers etc and its been interesting thus far with the variety from a cheese farm to a coffee roaster,fresh produce etc..

Thank you for supporting my creative work schedule,upcoming October becomes more about outreach and workshops and the ongoing evolution of my body of work. I will share what that looks like as each piece is being born and document the growth of it.

The Artists Way still receives my daily attention and already i see some creative differences. I am working my way towards my house blessing when my hopes is too see many of u before i go more underground with my body of work and residency responsibilities.

Pics Above:

1.My quiet corner with the view of the water,i write my morning pages from here and just sit and be early on in my day...

2. Goddess to go....Miss Lisa is holding one of my creations that is going to her mother in Edmonton Alberta as a birthday present. Lisa's mom saw a similar piece at Debbie and Lisa's space in Maple Ridge she fell in love with this piece and told me this was a number of years back and lo and behold Lisa's mom will become the proud owner of a goddess to go!!!

3. Ranger Station Art Gallery Reception.....Lindsay Craig standing by one of her funky vases.Lindsay's work was quite enjoyable i enjoyed every day that its been here.

4. My dear dear Cal and Eve visiting from Ontario( Cal is my art mentor)

5&6. Two pieces in progress( the black and white piece will be a shadow box,the door found in an alley will be a light box)

7. sample piece of silk painting made by yours truly

8. OH the joy of creative friends and me having a studio what an awesome mix!!! Cindy teaching me the steps in Silk painting it was a blast!!!

9. Camp Juice a sandcastle workshop for the youth....Unfortunately this year there was to be no major sand sculpture competition.However we had a little tease that would appear people visiting Harrison have enjoyed.

Its a work day today for me in the gallery from 1-5 pm, a fall cool day but the sun is shining with the flow of art seekers steady throughout the gallery doors..I'm a bit worn out with a womyns workshop that i co-facilitated on Saturday...and more workshops to begin in the weeks to come but i gotta tell ya at the time of this writing there's a satisfied grin on my face and a full heart.

Hey let that sun shine in anyway it can.....

Till we meet again;

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