Saturday, June 25, 2011

Staying on The Path...............

Howdy Readers;
Well here I am not at Casa Sanctuary but another Casa my friends who reside in Calgary Alberta...This time out was planned awhile back and now that i am here i can't even begin to tell u how wonderful and needed it is. My friends embraced me with love and i felt i was in my second has been hectic with all the many things that need to be attended to with moving to Mexico,I feel so affected on all levels very emotional as time is moving me towards launching into a new homeland and life...

I am walking a path of choice and its been very interesting far from smooth walking oh the number of small and large potholes I've fallen into...... SHIT!
this walk is not easy people,places and situations all pop up on my path and want ok really demand my attention right now (sigh) it all began with the cleanup process in the studio as its the biggest pack up to tackle,well everything plus that i was aware of and not came up inside me,I was an emotional mess..for those of u who know me ya know that i keep much of my stuff close to myself but when your clearing out in the physical sense (material goods) up comes emotional stuff and ya gotta deal cause its not going away. This is a hard and big transition in my life cause i truly do feel i am going HOME. Time to settle down for awhile all this moving over the last number of years has taken its toll on me.

In Harrison Hot Springs there is a beautiful little path that is very much about beauty,it offers up the beauty of nature,beauty of inner peace and outer peace, and the topper is that Ernie a local artist has used this path as his canvas well to be exact the trees..On random trees are clay masks...BEAUTIFUL!!! and delightful.. at the end of this path is a circle of joy in my opinion anyway it is the circle of women all women masks..

This timeout well i try to walk the path daily it brings me peace,joy and balance....its a reminder of my walk onward in life...I hope for those of u that walk or read of my ongoing journey , maybe u may find your own path or come to Harrison Hot Springs and enjoy this walk. Thanx for showing up and being here.. U Rock!!!

P:S this particular mask is my fave in the pic above...

Signed; Chilling

In Artistic Solidarity;