Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Artist/Studio Soup

Its been a long spring don't ya think....people,places and situations are springing about....the swirl is about transformation inside and out...
My creative soup has been simmering in the studio for quite awhile now in fact its coming to a full boil....
I've used so many ingredients that are on hand and passed onto me..
I truly believe it takes a community to support an Artist and most certainly i can give testimony to that.
So much has been added to the studio soup pot that it almost runneth over despite the full boil. When one makes a commitment to a dream hold on for the
the ride of your life,regardless of how its framed in this writing as soup..its a wild i am not a roller coaster fan except from the sidelines but seeing those
dips,sharp turns and speed has been my ride as of late on land.

I wonder can one be over focused..well i am to the point that i am dropping balls such as social engagements unless they come to me here in the outback

and then i impose limits because creative time is so precious.but honestly i feel OK out here rattling around with my cats and creative collections..OK maybe its

the change of life upon me to which is adding to the wild ride. Don't get me wrong
i do not complain,however its an intense time of completing wrapped in full on creativity. This has been a time where i find out who i am on levels that
were unknown to me.Out of the soup comes a stronger resolve,confidence and such sweet peace with strong dashes of happiness. So this is what it means
to me to be creating a-way!!

The many details outside of hands on work is huge....i had no idea that so much went into a solo gallery show..I thank my village and community for raising me up
to be who i am and for your ongoing support that shows up in diverse ways.My creative soup bubbles and babbles away as new things,thoughts,experiences
are added.So my people Create On!!!

Thanx for stopping in..good to see ya

In Artistic Solidarity;


1.Old Blue...given to me by one of the locals who moved,i go between riding my bike and walking in the mornings...

2. Show Piece- "Deception"

3. "They Call Me A Person Of Color"(work in progress)

4. ask and ya shall receive......bottle caps given to me by one of the local restaurants(its a great Thai restaurant)

5. Show Piece-"Emily Post Guide to Cell Phones"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Countdown................

I am 5-6 weeks from completing my body of creative work for my upcoming solo show in July....Holy Shit!!! i am not going to go on about time,we've all heard just enough about that.
Thank Goddess the weather is finally coming around..yes i can truly deal with blue skies and heat...continue to bring it on. I am way past freaking out cause frankly there is no time for it...what has happened is I've become extremely singleminded with the many tasks at doesn't have a clue whats involved in putting a gallery show together until your surrounded by the so many details.

I had a plan of pieces to do well lets just say some have come into being others have gone by the wayside due to the fact that other pieces have showed up in my day and night dreams and have been damn insistent on being created....SIGH.......At times i ask myself what the hell are u doing and why?? but again i got no time to contemplate..I love what i am doing and its been a total experience on so many levels although there is that restless gypsy part that is in need of some travel.Yes it will come later but i can hold that close.

Ya know i would say these are becoming the best years of my much to be grateful for and the one thing that has been a blessing is having a studio all to creative hours have increased and are rather erratic but I'm happy happy happy..

I've also accumulated a whole lot of stuff (3-4 van fulls ..shh i hear ya) thanx to all who thought i could use this and that in this creative process and much of it has come in handy while some of it challenges me as to what will i do with it..The balance for me now is not to become so lost in the creative process and i thank friends & family who maintain contact..its helped alot!!!

I do look forward to putting the finishing touches on the many pieces that have been created and believe it or not i am finishing pieces..I work on 2-4 pieces at a time but now am being forced to work differently in order to reach outcomes..

There has been mucho going on in the gallery with shows,receptions and also my outreach work which i will finish on Friday. So studio work is not the only thing that captures my focus..

Well dear readers its back to the studio for this writer..thanx again for dropping in...
Create On!

In Artistic Solidarity;


1. Me Chilling

2. Frida Shadow Box in progress

3."Capturing Memories"