Monday, December 21, 2009

Creative Fire

Hey is that u? well its me...
Happy Solstice All!!!! my title is pretty fitting as of late there has been a creative fire raging inside of me,quite a bit of my off time is now spent in the studio creating away and i am loving whats coming out of me thus far. Which brings me to say i am sorry for those social invites that I've turned down to celebrate the holidays. Solstice has always been my big winter celebration that i do focus on,this year like last will be very quietly spent alone with the fur babies and nature.

I've been struggling alot with being here in the gray and some snowy weather as i grieve for soaring temps,blue skies and warmth of the sun. My holidays are very low key as i don't subscribe to the consumerism that is associated with Christmas,last year i was so impacted by the Mexican celebrations that i am making different choices. Although i did step out on Saturday to a house party in Abbotsford in which i had a great time,it didn't hit me that i needed that social contact with others.

Ya know i do this blog so that i can document my year here as AIR (artist in residence) i appreciate all the feedback from u and its been a surprise at how many of u do read my babble..thanx for the emails,letters ,cards & phone calls.

Luckily the creative fire continues so i will take full advantage of it and roll with it. The pics above open the sanctuary to give u glimpses into the creative workings...this is short and sweet today as i am gonna wander back into the studio.I wish each and every one of u Blessed Holidays.

Bright Blessings;


1. card received in mail today from my dear Garry,this is a painting he did of the funky building i live/work in if u look close its the back of the building that faces the lake...a light is on in one of the windows which is my studio. a window is open in my bedroom,the back door i go in and out of. Main floor is the gallery,festival of the arts offices. second floor is my studio and living space.

2.This is a big ass dictionary that i picked up at thrift store for a piece i am working on.this is the before

3. This is the after of the outside of on pic for close up

4."A touch of elegance" repurposed on pic for close up

5.some of my work and projects on display at the gallery downstairs

6.Destiny in one of the positions that i love SLEEPING!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My life as an ongoing Art Party......

How Do?
I hope this entry finds u warm and toasty....Life flows here in the village of Harrison Hot Springs. I am now on a nice break from residency commitments over the next several months.
its hard to believe that here I've been neck deep in creativity...Hows that working for me u ask?? its been right on because i am loving what i am doing.I continue to enjoy residing here in the village.

Its funny how one can adjust to what thing i like is there aren't a whole lot of choices as a consumer here however saying that the choices that i do have i like such as well I'm close 10 minute drive to Agassiz which is an active farming community.i purchase free range eggs,in season produce,coffee roaster,pie bakers,and so on.. In January i am going to sign up with Lady Bug Organics and have produce , groceries delivered to my door this will save driving time.That is the thing that i have traded which i do miss a walkable community mostly but i am trying to be aware of how much i am driving.

The pics are varied and gives a window into whats been happening in and out of Casa de sanctuary. My three art mentors have all come to visit to add input to my creativity, plus they are dear friends.

Believe it or not i am organizing for a full 2010 more on that after a nice restful break. I keep shaking my head in disbelief as this time last year i was trekking about Mexico(sigh) I miss the heat!!!!

Jessica the editor of the local paper here wrote a piece on my residency check it out,I'm quite please with it:

Thought i would save the best for last.....I would like you to welcome a new addition to the CASA..please say meow to Jusun Destiny(she will be called density) she came to me from a business here in Harrison Hot Springs. Jusun is the name she came with(Japanese) i am unsure as to what it means. Shadow is adjusting to destiny in the short time she has been here. its funny as shadow is slow(er) destiny is go. I've forgotten what its like to have a young animal about(density is 3-6 months old).

Thanx again for stopping in,its good to see u...

In Artistic Solidarity;


1.A journal page i created called Art & Life

2.Introducing Jusun Destiny....

3.Rainbow Food at Casa de sanctuary

4.My friend and art mentor Luchia creating in the kitchen here at the casa

5.Artist Trading Cards

6.Art Party 2 at the Casa Studio,this is a artist trading card session

7 I.Taught Artist Trading Card workshop in Hope Nov 30/09

8.Art Party creative table at Casa's Studio

9.Reminder on white board in hope

10.Artist trading cards in progress in Hope BC

11.This is my door in the studio this documents the pieces that are in progress for 2010 show

12. I created this portable ad for upcoming drop in Artist trading cards January 2010 at the Casa studio

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life and Times of Artist in Residence

I send u greetings from Harrison Hot Springs;
here i is and its been almost a month since i last wrote here..tell me is it an age thing or does time truly have wings..i believe so especially when it comes to keeping this blog up to date. The residency continues to be a creative learning curve that i am enjoying as there appears to always be something ahead..

I've been here three months the end of November..I still am enjoying all that this experience is as its diverse each day....the peace,tranquil laid back life is growing on me which is evident in so many ways that i approach my life. There are pros and cons to anything and small towns are no exception. What has been a saving grace is all of u and my commitment to my art..The awesome news that i would like to share is my solo show will be in July 2010!!! OK for those of u unfamiliar with my new hood,its a resort village yep...and during July there is a festival of the arts that has been ongoing for 30 plus years the festival consists of art market,kids day,art exhibit,concerts(world music) and some of these concerts take place on the really is an awesome time for me to show.

My community outreach for my residency here has consisted of working in the alternative school facilitating some art workshops with the teens and i got to say that i am thoroughly enjoying this experience,mostly teen males but they are adding a whole different dimension to my creative life and the fact is they are loving what we are doing. I also have been facilitating workshops in my studio,Life Drawing just finished on Friday.Artist Trading Cards will begin mid January.

The residency has kept my day timer full of this and that appointment. Which brings me to yes i am creating many different pieces for my show,its alot of work with so many details to each piece. As of November 30th/2009 i will have three months off from some of my residency commitments. I know your thinking it will be time for me to kickback.....aww no rest for this creative one as i will be laying out my timeline for studio work and tighten up the pieces i will be creating.

Recently i had the pleasure of hosting a very dear friend of mine we've known each other for 27 years..Garry is not only a friend but my art mentor,when i was much younger i was his student.
It was great having him here to witness my creative transformation and to hear his feedback,insight of my work.

The other thing i did was bring other old friends together in my Sanctuary,it was a good time had by all.

The next entry will be on a piece that i entered into the miniature show here at the gallery,i surprised myself at the outcome of this piece.

Well dear readers its almost time for me to close the gallery and head up to the Sanctuary to prepare for another full week.. Thanx so much for stopping in.

In Artistic Solidarity;


1. Party at the Sanctuary........

2.My dear Garry and moi

3,4,5 Mosaic Making at (ACE School)

6.Graffiti T-Shirts (ACE School)

7.My creative centre(The studio)

8.My gal pal Nancy came to visit and hang from Powell River

9.Eagle Watching(this is the time of the year that the eagles return to this area)


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Witch Way...................

Well readers its that time of year as Hallow eve,Samhain(Witches New Year),Day of the dead,All Saints Day is upon us....I send u blessings from my hood here in the outback of small town Canada.
The Art Residency continues to fill my days in and out of the studio...just when I thought things would slow.nope another creative event,project,proposal has my name on in large letters. This is not about complaining but more about counting my blessings each and every day for this new experience.
Studio time and the daily commitment is truly paying off in some big ways,I have approx 10 pieces in some part of evolving. This past Thursday I began volunteering at the alternative high school in the next small town about 10 minutes from me.Yep teenagers the kewl thing is its all about the creativity baby...Next week we are doing Graffiti on T-shirts..Let me give u all some history of this community..its all about the farming, a factoid is its the corn capital of BC..Mostly Dutch and German is a large makeup of the community.
Now I am going to throw this out which will give u more insight....Have u seen the movie "Pleasantville" if not may I make a suggestion to take a viewing for those of u that haven't experience small town living this movie sums it up in so many ways..ok so I digress moving along I feel at times like I'm of the set of this movie...lets see a combo of some ignorance and stagnation to change wraps it up here although I can laugh about it cause I've had many living experiences in small towns I grin and nod then take myself into my studio to work it out..
On Friday it was a full day of thrifting..Thanx to Tina K who so kindly took me about Chilliwack to show me where many treasures are hidden and I hit pay dirt which helps me bring my pieces into full being.
The next show here at Ranger Station Art Gallery is the Annual Miniature Show
November 4th- November 29th.
yours truly will have a small piece in this show which has limits on the size of piece hence the name..stay tuned for a peek at this show...
The Studio Happenings are as follows:
Friday Nights...Drop in Life Drawing 7-9:30pm All levels welcome
October 16- December
Artist Trading Cards....November 30th 12:30-2:30 pm
Hope Art Gallery
Snow Moon...... November 2 is the Full Moon
Plan for a ritual to work on ridding yourself of negative thoughts and vibrations.
Well All thanx for stopping in,let me know u popped in give a big shout out leave a comment or two....
In Artistic Solidarity;

1. Samhain Altar in Living Room

2.Preparing walls for next show

3. Studio Piece in progress!!

4.Hang about Studio Skeleton

In my home i have several altars;

1.Bathtub Altar room corner altar
3.bedroom altar
4.bedroom 2 altar
5.primary living room altar

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Country Roads

my Dear readers;

Yep here i am as usual these days time got way ahead of me,i haven't forgotten u as u pop in looking for an update on my residency. Its been almost two months that I've been here living and working in Harrison Hot Springs and i gotta say that i continue to love it here for so many reasons. The solitude is a wonderful thing,many of u have asked if I'm beginning to lose it with nothing to do in a very small town and that i must miss the city.In reply to that no,if anything i have settled in to the point that i go into angst over going past Maple Ridge and when i do visit Mission,Chilliwack i am anxious to scurry back to my sanctuary in front of my electric fireplace and put on the quiet that surrounds me here.

What i feel that after being away from the familiar with my work and travels for a year that Harrison has allowed me to integrate all those diverse experiences in a peaceful way inside and out,which was such a struggle for me when i was living in the city,i finally surrendered to the city and was on autopilot until i left there.

My time is pretty committed here in all things art and its a steep learning curve as most things i jump in flying by the seat of my pants.The studio is such a blessing in my life and its all mine!!! my creativity is just a sparking with ideas coming from my dreams,morning walks and morning pages that i write daily. There are times that i have so doubted my process and belief in myself as an artist,Thank you to those that have allowed me to talk it through.

They say be careful what u wish for writing that i am very grateful for this latest experience as it continues to unfold every minute of everyday before my very eyes.Blessed Be.The song "Country roads take me home to the place i belong" by John Denver thus far has been my life here as i speed down one country road after another and being the directionally challenged person that i am,i find such comfort in the country roads ,this comes from my growing up years in the country in New Brunswick...i felt so found on those roads as i do today.

The morning walks are morning wake up rain or shine that i stroll.Whether its a raincoat or a heavy sweater half asleep i begin the walk with my headphones and my head swirling with nothing but lots of thoughts..around me is the landscape that is becoming a part of me and the quiet!!

Visitors have been part of the blessing here for me,i love when my friends come to visit to witness my life here some thinking that i am totally out of my element others feeling I've come home.The studio is a very sacred space that allows everything from my mind,heart and soul to spill out into a creation of some kind or another,what i am learning is to be led by my instinct which is easier said than done as my will gets in the way.

So my dear readers thus far i am living a beautiful creative life out here in the middle of nowhere with some things making sense while some its a work in progress. Thanx so much for the calls,emails and visits they are appreciated. Its time to say see ya as i turn off to go down another country road to my place for today that i belong..

Bright Blessings;


1.First workshop at the sanctuary

2.pick up of driftwood at Rainbow Falls

3.I went sailing for the very first time with Ernie a local Harrison resident...

4.My creativity..Bingo Shadowbox

5. Sailing trip we docked at Rainbow Falls accessible by boat only

6.This piece I'm submitting to the miniature show here at the gallery its still a work in progress

7.New Show for October being hung

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happenings from Casa De Sanctuary.....

Thanx for stopping in at the Casa,the weather is getting a tad cooler in these parts come sit and i will turn my fireplace to warm you and maybe a cup of Chai to warm your inner self.

Today Sunday September 27th is a month that i have been here with the residency. I continue to believe that time does fly... I am settled in home and studio loving every inch inside and out. The creativity is flowing for which i am so grateful for. Being surrounded by creatives is like breathing fresh air but in my case ideas,thoughts and insights.

My space has been blessed with the diverse presence of friends and blessings of friends,the culinary side of me has spilled out and so i cook for a couple of reasons one being i enjoy cooking/baking and 2. one does not have the ethnic food choices in this neck of the woods which in many ways ends up being a blessing on the pocket book.

I am trying to keep most of my dollars in my community by supporting local businesses,farmers etc and its been interesting thus far with the variety from a cheese farm to a coffee roaster,fresh produce etc..

Thank you for supporting my creative work schedule,upcoming October becomes more about outreach and workshops and the ongoing evolution of my body of work. I will share what that looks like as each piece is being born and document the growth of it.

The Artists Way still receives my daily attention and already i see some creative differences. I am working my way towards my house blessing when my hopes is too see many of u before i go more underground with my body of work and residency responsibilities.

Pics Above:

1.My quiet corner with the view of the water,i write my morning pages from here and just sit and be early on in my day...

2. Goddess to go....Miss Lisa is holding one of my creations that is going to her mother in Edmonton Alberta as a birthday present. Lisa's mom saw a similar piece at Debbie and Lisa's space in Maple Ridge she fell in love with this piece and told me this was a number of years back and lo and behold Lisa's mom will become the proud owner of a goddess to go!!!

3. Ranger Station Art Gallery Reception.....Lindsay Craig standing by one of her funky vases.Lindsay's work was quite enjoyable i enjoyed every day that its been here.

4. My dear dear Cal and Eve visiting from Ontario( Cal is my art mentor)

5&6. Two pieces in progress( the black and white piece will be a shadow box,the door found in an alley will be a light box)

7. sample piece of silk painting made by yours truly

8. OH the joy of creative friends and me having a studio what an awesome mix!!! Cindy teaching me the steps in Silk painting it was a blast!!!

9. Camp Juice a sandcastle workshop for the youth....Unfortunately this year there was to be no major sand sculpture competition.However we had a little tease that would appear people visiting Harrison have enjoyed.

Its a work day today for me in the gallery from 1-5 pm, a fall cool day but the sun is shining with the flow of art seekers steady throughout the gallery doors..I'm a bit worn out with a womyns workshop that i co-facilitated on Saturday...and more workshops to begin in the weeks to come but i gotta tell ya at the time of this writing there's a satisfied grin on my face and a full heart.

Hey let that sun shine in anyway it can.....

Till we meet again;