Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tunnel Vision

I have an art condition called Tunnel Vision:
a drastically narrowed field of vision, as in looking through a tube.
It has been creeping up on me over the past m
onth and now I have a full blown case....It is treatable prescription drugs are not necessary but what is required are longer hours in my studio,more hot baths,many movies,lots of cuddles with sir shadow, chats on the phone with family and friends,long walks and bike rides.

Sunday April 25 th 2010 was the Young At Art Reception here at the gallery...This month hanging in the gallery has been the creativity of School district 78 primary-senior students,their creative expression fills the walls.What has been delightful is seeing the kids come in full of enthusiasm and pride as they see their art on the wall,that is something that I don't tire of is the being in the present moment attitude that children have..Ok speaking of children I am going to be a Nana this year yep my daughter Taylor and her husband Tj(newlyweds) are bringing a new generation forth...

I also feel I am birthing more in the sense though of my artwork...and I am getting closer to the harder labor of pushing my own creative expression in the world for u all to see..Over the last little while artist acquaintances/friends have strolled through my studio the feedback I have received has been food for thought that I have either pondered or acted upon... being so close to my art its very easy to lose sight of the vision/outcome for a piece. The perspective of others has assisted me in taking a particular piece to the finish line..I appreciate all of the insights..Thanx so much for that!!!!

I am living/breathing/talking/acting out another dream that I also spoke about...experiencing my daily life as artist in residence is way beyond what I dreamed in fact its even better..when I am feeling out of sorts/stressed about how I am going to bring all of this together,little things pop up that solidifies that for today this is where I am in the moment doing,being,seeing,feeling my way about in my artists way and tomorrow will come without me wanting or needing to know what's next.

I am off to the BC Arts Conference at the end of the week so that will be fun to connect with like minded on a bigger scale.So ya see this writers creative journey rocks and rolls..Thanx for tuning in..

In Artistic Solidarity;


1: side table or???

2: Top of an Altar

3: Afri-can Warrior Screen

4: OM

5: Artists Reception at gallery "Young At Art"

6: Chalk Art(gallery)

7: Graffiti Door on display at Agassiz Library

8: bottle caps I've been collecting on morning walks to be incorporated in a piece

9: "Young At Art Show"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Studio Intervention & Trippin

My People,My People;
How the hell are ya? I am alive and kicking here at Casa De Sanctuary and Alteredanything Studio...So i owe u all a few posts,lets get at it....The last post i am whining about a suggestion given to me by a friend of clean and organizing my studio as it would help...Well at that time i thought this friend had completely lost it. As i tell people to remain open this was a time when i needed to take my own advice, keep my mouth shut and go with the flow.

Goddess love my friend Megan,she truly has been a huge support to me and us Artists need that well i know i do. Megan,Pam(Megan;s sister) & Chris showed up on a Friday evening with dinner,drinks and loads of energy. I was a bundle of nerves cause i had things organized in the studio that worked for me and people were going to be moving and changing stuff up,truly i was so wrong. After Dinner we all stepped into the studio the music was put on and each of us took up a position and dived in...my things were everywhere and nowhere it was a blur..four hours later as i looked around there was a difference...yes things had a places to live,there were open spaces..temp shelves were in place and the biggest difference were my work tables..For the past six months i have not seen the tops of my tables. Behold i could walk around the table and see clear space all around.I welled up with emotion or maybe it was the paralyzer.

The studio had a rebirth my heart soared and what weight i carried around these last months was gone. Truly i had a an attitude adjustment. There were so many memories of that intervention that i will carry with me and talk about as it truly made a difference in my creative life. One of the fun things that we did that night was to do a random changing installation on one of the tables adding bits and odds here and there( i will post pics of those later) no analyzing as to how and why of these sculptures..WE JUST DID IT.. Thank You Megan,Pam & Chris!!!! U womyn rock

Studio Update:
I gotta tell ya now weeks later,i love my clean,organized studio..Creatively i am on fire cause i am clear inside and out.not to mention organized.

Away Away;

Days later after Studio Intervention..i took some time out and away with another gal pal Jody..we were off to Powell River..we had fun especially since the weather was in our favor..i love being on the ferry and Jody& I caught up on the beautiful drive and ferry's.. We saw our gal pal Nancy who resides in Powell River...it was a whirlwind visit but much needed...its always a pleasure to hang out with friends..

Well this is a long overdue quick to the point post..coming up are new pieces in progress and coming to finish on many of these pieces. Its hard to believe that my time is almost up here in the outback of Harrison Hot Springs. However for today i am enjoying each and every moment that i creatively have here.

Just a shout out to all that take the time to read my ramblings...Thanx So Much...U all also make a difference in my life....

In Artistic Solidarity;

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shout Out!!!!

Calling All Creatives:
Its almost that time when i will be signing off as Artist In Residence here at Ranger Station Art Gallery...The New year for the next artist is September 2010..

Yeah Yeah i hear ya...September is way off.ok got that but here's what i need you to do..

Dear Artists;
its time to update your CV,dust off and add to your portfolio..think about what your creative year looks like...Deadline is June 1st.

For More info on the Artists in Residence programme:


I will return with an update from my recent get away and Studio cleanup/organize.............

In Artistic Solidarity;