Sunday, October 18, 2009

Country Roads

my Dear readers;

Yep here i am as usual these days time got way ahead of me,i haven't forgotten u as u pop in looking for an update on my residency. Its been almost two months that I've been here living and working in Harrison Hot Springs and i gotta say that i continue to love it here for so many reasons. The solitude is a wonderful thing,many of u have asked if I'm beginning to lose it with nothing to do in a very small town and that i must miss the city.In reply to that no,if anything i have settled in to the point that i go into angst over going past Maple Ridge and when i do visit Mission,Chilliwack i am anxious to scurry back to my sanctuary in front of my electric fireplace and put on the quiet that surrounds me here.

What i feel that after being away from the familiar with my work and travels for a year that Harrison has allowed me to integrate all those diverse experiences in a peaceful way inside and out,which was such a struggle for me when i was living in the city,i finally surrendered to the city and was on autopilot until i left there.

My time is pretty committed here in all things art and its a steep learning curve as most things i jump in flying by the seat of my pants.The studio is such a blessing in my life and its all mine!!! my creativity is just a sparking with ideas coming from my dreams,morning walks and morning pages that i write daily. There are times that i have so doubted my process and belief in myself as an artist,Thank you to those that have allowed me to talk it through.

They say be careful what u wish for writing that i am very grateful for this latest experience as it continues to unfold every minute of everyday before my very eyes.Blessed Be.The song "Country roads take me home to the place i belong" by John Denver thus far has been my life here as i speed down one country road after another and being the directionally challenged person that i am,i find such comfort in the country roads ,this comes from my growing up years in the country in New Brunswick...i felt so found on those roads as i do today.

The morning walks are morning wake up rain or shine that i stroll.Whether its a raincoat or a heavy sweater half asleep i begin the walk with my headphones and my head swirling with nothing but lots of thoughts..around me is the landscape that is becoming a part of me and the quiet!!

Visitors have been part of the blessing here for me,i love when my friends come to visit to witness my life here some thinking that i am totally out of my element others feeling I've come home.The studio is a very sacred space that allows everything from my mind,heart and soul to spill out into a creation of some kind or another,what i am learning is to be led by my instinct which is easier said than done as my will gets in the way.

So my dear readers thus far i am living a beautiful creative life out here in the middle of nowhere with some things making sense while some its a work in progress. Thanx so much for the calls,emails and visits they are appreciated. Its time to say see ya as i turn off to go down another country road to my place for today that i belong..

Bright Blessings;


1.First workshop at the sanctuary

2.pick up of driftwood at Rainbow Falls

3.I went sailing for the very first time with Ernie a local Harrison resident...

4.My creativity..Bingo Shadowbox

5. Sailing trip we docked at Rainbow Falls accessible by boat only

6.This piece I'm submitting to the miniature show here at the gallery its still a work in progress

7.New Show for October being hung

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