Sunday, July 26, 2009

Create On..........................

The past few weeks my life has been full of creativity!!! As i happy dance on the path of my creative blessings,i am full of gratitude.

My time is shrinking here in the city as slowly i am creating the steps along with appointments in my daytimer to move forward towards my upcoming Artist Residency.

I am making the most of city time this summer and let me tell ya i am having a hell of a good time.. the pics give some view into my creative stepping..

July 17-19....Vancouver Folk Festival,i wasn't planning on attending but there i was live in the middle of world music land. Friends asked if i could give them time in their booths and i was more than,music,connecting with peeps that i hadn't seen for some time as i had been away for a year.

One of the things that i often do is leave open spaces in my days which allows spontaneity through a day,week etc and i love seeing what shows up. Something that many friends will hear me say is"Remain Open" it works ya know!!!

The following pics:

I am so proud to write a little about this awesome project that my friends are creating for abandoned children in Guatemala. Please go and check their site out and find out what its all about...(this is one of the booths at folk festival i helped out at.

Don't ya love this Harry Potter hat!!! I saw these all about the folk festival aren't they fun and inexpensive ($20) no i didn't get one...changes were made from the informal market that was along the Jericho Beach during the festival and they fenced them in and charged the vendors less than what the vendors inside the festival paid yep thats what ya call politics... put in some awesome time here at this kewl booth and it smelled awesome all that down home soap.i use and love the gals products!!!!

July 14,16 & 21
Illuminares Lantern Festival


lantern making workshops...over a two week period a space within the Trout Lake Community Centre is transformed into a fun creative making space for all ages. I had the pleasure this year of volunteering to facilitate the diverse range of lantern making. my first volunteer time out i became hooked. The room was full of newbies and vetrans all working towards the outcome of making a lantern.

The end result is the illuminary parade on Saturday night
(July 25)...

Well that gives ya all a peek at my creative stroll as of late..stay tuned this week for Create On 2....

In Artistic Solidarity;

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Intuition of Painting........

Buenos Dias;
its a beauty day all about the city and i wanted to drop a quick note before i stroll into the day..
a few posts back i wrote about learning a new medium and through the wonderful facilitation from my gal pal Luchia i am delighted to show my intuitive painting which I'm calling "All Heart"
I truly have had some wonderful creative happenings in my life lately,what a great way to finish my time here in the city before i leave for my Artist Residency in less than four weeks YIKES!!

OK i am off..just checking if u are here yep u and of course u let me know leave a message..


In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, July 13, 2009

Falling Down A Rabbit Hole.....

Have u ever had one of those days??
well my day Sunday July 12/09 truly was upbeat,my inner child was full of joy with all of the action surrounding me...hmmm where do i start well taking a stroll through the park which was quite usual for me but this day was can we say unusual... I tripped and fell into this rather large hole never seen anything like it before,up i got and dusted myself off a tad dizzy then something went by me rather quickly,i focused and was stunned..all about me were the most interesting people i had ever seen in fact i clapped my hands in delight as some recognition hit me hard....

I was smack in the middle of Alice in Wonderland and the most awesome creatures u have ever seen...i danced,chuckled,belly laughed just damn full of cheer!!

I hooked up with some friends so that they could help me make sense of my surroundings.. All throughout the park the story of Alice was being played out....obviously i wasn't the only one that fell down the hole that day.all ages were present.

I sat with friends and bless her lorrie bought all sorts of food to feed us through the adventures...Four hours later my creative soul was well fed as well as my stomach.

It was time to close the book and make our way out of Alice in Wonderland to 2009.. What fun!!
I thanked my inner child for her part in my journey yesterday..we were both happy and satisfied . Thank -You to all the Alices your costumes rocked and very much a diverse perspective. Please take a look at the pics i've posted and remember the colorful story of Alice in Wonderland...Hey just a thought next time u see one of those big holes maybe its the doorway to some kewl storybook coming to life,hold the hand of your inner child and jump in its worth it!!!


off to take a stroll through the park....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving Right Along...

Amiga's and Amigo's;
I had a wonderful creative last week and wanted to share....again i feel so blessed with the wonderful dear friends that i have in my life and my diverse experiences with them. The beginning of the week began with seeing a friend who whisked me off to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the "Dutch Masters" can I say Wow what an incredible show,It was so amazing to see how the artists work with light.Its like u could step into the painting the reality was mind blowing..

After we had a wonderful lunch at the upscale Vancouver Hotel..I was feeling like a total queen diva for the day. The hotel has little boutiques that we wandered through bootiful things!!!
The hotel has a very sweet mascot named "Lucy". I literally floated home creatively and soulfully filled up.......Thanx Lynne.

Near the end of the week i had my first intuitive painting experience....My facilitator Luchia who is a dear friend supported me through the process i gotta tell ya i am hooked wanting to challenge myself with this medium. I spent the whole day with Luchia not just painting but getting to know her inner city hood,we strolled over to the Chinese gardens in the middle of inner city it was very tranquil and quite unexpected.

The in between days were also creative filled days i sure am enjoying the path in my life that i am strolling on. I have six weeks left in the city before i begin another new adventure,so i am taking full advantage with loads of gratitude for where,what,who that i have right now....

Thanx for reading along....

In Artistic Solidarity;