Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When I began writing this post in my head a few weeks back,I was on my morning walk on the beach marveling at the many pieces of driftwood strewn about.Yesterday was a beautiful,clear sunny coolish day ,after coming to a resolution with one of my creations it was high time to step out...The driftwood never left my mind and it was time to take a pic.
At the end of this month I will be halfway through my residency which is totally blowing my mind. The creations that want to be seen spill out of me I dream of asleep and awake which makes it difficult at times to be totally present with people unless u want a hell of alot of art talk. There are those kindred creative souls that are open to sharing this experience with me and want to know what's cooking in the studio..Thanx so much for that!!!
Mornings are a beautiful window in the beginnings of a day for me,regardless of what time I go to bed,morning appears and I am up.There are times when I do force myself to languish under the bedcovers and gaze out the window to the lake,however I am called forth to the outdoors... Many things here at "Casa De Sanctuary" are showing themselves in the flow of the creative process.. I named my show which is kind of funny cause as things go it wasn't the name that I started out with quite awhile back.
I will sign a contract specifically for the show....so get out your daytimers as my Artists Reception opening of my solo show will be July 4th 2010 2-4 pm. I share this date early as hoping that some friends that are a distance away will be able to make it.
Thus far I have 26 pieces that are in some state of progress in and out of the studio. So now my focus will turn towards completing these pieces with so many varied diverse details. I'm beginning to be excited and scared shitless cause this is real time folks...big steps here inside and out!!!
The driftwood becomes part of my sanctuary in one way or another from these morning walks and this is only a small part of what is too come on the beach so the locals say. Last week I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful evening with a local resident who resides here part time. Alex's main home is in Toronto but his family home is here in the village. This is a space that I've admired on my morning walks through the village so I was thrilled to step over the threshold.
Our evening was full of good food,spirits(Thanx Alex) laugher,sharing,becoming acquainted..Alex is also an artist a photographer to be exact and his work is very kewl!!! We shared what we enjoyed about Harrison Hot Springs and something Alex said took my breath away and I became deeply reflective.. Alex said that he enjoys the "Silence" Yes I can so relate to that I have embraced the silence in a big way to the point that its hard to move me away from here if only to run errands. If u were to ask me already what is my fave time of year its NOW...its just me,nature and the locals...tourist season is not part of the equation ........there's space all about and I love it Yes Alex especially the silence.
The environment is a fab place for an artist to create....there is no time to feel lonely..hell no with the amount of company I have out here lol lol...I am happy that u all are enjoying the Casa!!!!
Well its another creative day and so I must say my see ya sooner rather than later....

In Artistic Solidarity;