Monday, January 24, 2011

Peek A Boo......

Howdy Readers;
I am in the zone ok well translated focusing!!! January is stepping by and soon it will February and a full on schedule..YIKES!!! Life has been a roller coaster here at the Sanctuary as its taken awhile for me to get connected. The feeling has been overwhelm for a good part of January which just paralyzes the hell out of ya.

Its been timely to have engaged a life coach as I am constantly gaining perspective from one angle or another. Yesterday was a good coaching day as I was able to dump the junk rolling around in my head and come full circle to give myself a reality check. (Thanx Coach) So today is a good day can we say CLEAR!!! in fact I feel damn right refreshed and ready to roll but with a pace in my step. So life as an artist has many facets to it as I learn every time I tackle or take on something new.

Alrighty then lets move along into what's cooking here at the old sanctuary.As many of u know 2006-2008 I did a public art project called Outsider Art In A Box using repurposed(by artists) sanitary pad vending machines to dispense small works of art. This project was facilitated by yours truly with the support of many artists while residing in Vancouver.

The vending machines have been collecting dust until recently, new life has come into this project Thanx to Hope Art Gallery & Mission Arts Centre as they will both host machines. Diane Ferguson (Hope) Nancy Arcand(Mission) will be facilitating Outsider at above locations, freeing me up to pursue other projects.
The long range goal for the machines is to be put on permanent display in my own live/work gallery.

The next couple of weeks I am putting my office/studio together in Mission putting myself out there while building up clientele. so the two pics are my office/studio space before ,the after is a coming soon.

If your in the area take a workshop or schedule a private session....I see ya scratching your head thinking none to quietly..what do I do??? I am inviting u to take a look at my website.

As of February 1st,2011 I am on lockdown meaning (except for one trip possibly for some baby love) that I am working between three areas Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz and Mission putting together a show,working in the school,workshops,clients,gallery hours,.I will return phone calls ,emails in a timely manner.
Alteredanything Studio Workshops:Mission Arts Centre(top floor)

A Chair Of Her Own:


“Virginia Wolfe” stated that women should have a space of their own in which to write however all women deserve personal space to do with what they wish.This creative workshop is about creating something for self whether it be functional or decorative. A chair of one’s own is transportable and can begin the process of setting the tone for your space whether your chair has its own room or a corner. Through use of paint, collage, stencils, found objects, fabric,etc. Lets begin to empower a chair space of your own.The chair and diverse art materials are supplied. A list of additional supplies required will be given upon registration.Please bring your imagination, open mind, sense of humour. These things are as important as the supplies we use.No Art Experience Necessary.

3 sessions: January 25th,February 1st,February 8th 2011


Members: $110 Non Members $115

Vision Board (18+)

What do you hope, dream for? What are your goals? Vision boards are fun and powerful creative tools. Creating a visual buffet by Using words and images, they express our desires and dreams, making it easier for us to bring our full thoughts into creative visual intention.This is a relaxed workshop with minimal structure that affords a friendly inviting space for you to create a vision board.Basic Art Supplies are supplied and I ask that you bring additional magazines. Please bring your imagination, open mind, sense of humour. These things are as important as the supplies we use. No Art Experience Necessary.

1 Session February 11th 7 – 9pm


February 22 nd 1 to 3 pm

Cost $20.00

Tarot Workshop
Using a deck of 52 playing cards, we will be begin collaging and magically transforming the cards to a mystical (and completely personalized) divination tool. Combining intuition, personal symbolism, and tradition, this deck will prove to be a helpful for self reflection or journaling.

All materials will be provided, however if you have particular images you would like to use, or unused/unwanted magazines that could be used for collage images, please consider bringing them along. Please note that not all 52 cards will be transformed within the workshop.
February 4th,2011
6:00 pm-9:00 pm
3 Hours
For more info regarding above workshops or to book a private session please contact me

Art On
In Artistic Solidarity;

P;S.....thought ya might like some new babe pics....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok All quiet down on the set.....At times my life feels like an action movie,don't get me wrong its evolving to be my dreams and that's a wonderful thing...
Happy Newest Year..Life is in take off mode here in the Sanctuary the holidays were good especially that unexpected trip to Mexico..hanging with friends embracing the quality time is just righteous and priceless. I have 8 months left of my 2nd year residency here in Harrison Hot Springs,just reacquainted myself with a new daytimer 2011 dates are filling up...This is gonna be a brief blog but have no fear there is more coming.

As many of u know I have an office/studio space in Mission which is 45 minutes from Harrison, I set up there as part of phasing myself out of here. The space is for workshops and private creative one to one sessions,there are appointments open so give it some thought ,u can stroll on over to my website and see what services are available.. Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops which I will post end of week early next week.

The posted pic is an intuitive painting I did on Solstice.(Click on for larger image)

Coming up also on the blog is an introduction to my new solo show in May 2011.Well folks that's all she wrote...
Take good care and see ya sooner rather than later..

My words for 2011 are:

In Artistic Solidarity;