Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Creative Bliss spelled........ VIOLETTE

I feel very lucky in my life when special people cross my path....Due to my menopause brain dates are eluding me. Once upon a time i followed this very creative artist on the internet her name is Violette...I so loved her walk and talk about creativity i felt connected as she lived out loud and proud as an artist and made no excuses. Time passed and divine intervention came to be in which we met in the parking lot of an Art Conference that she was attending where i took my chance to introduce myself and the rest i say is herstory!!!
How lucky am i today to be able to ask for u to all give a big shout out to Violette on her dream coming true of writing and publishing her book JOURNAL BLISS....Congratulations Violette u Rock!!!

1.What are your fave top three creative books and why?

My top 3 creative books...........now that's a tough one Rhonda......you know how many books i have??? A kajillion. Anyways i guess my first would be Julia Cameron's Artist's Way, Sark's Inspiration Sandwich and The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin. Julia Cameron's book - if you haven't already read it - run don't walk to the nearest bookstore to buy this Quintessential book on Opening up yourself creatively, moving through blocks.....and so much more - The Artist's way is like a bible for so many creatives. Sark's books have been so impactful to my life - she gave me permission (even before i met her) to be creative, Live outside the box and bring more colour, art and craziness in my life. The first Sark book i read was Inspiration Sandwich so it will always have a special place in my heart even though Succulent Wild Woman is her biggest seller i believe.

2.Describe a creative day for you?

My creative days vary. Not all of them are spent creating unfortunately - some might be doing bookkeeping and self-promotion - networking etc. On the creative days such as when i make a Video or PDF for an online class it is full of creating - at least 4 hours. Usually though i get up before 8, then check e-mails, answer them. Then it is on to blogging- either i create a drawing for my blog or take a picture or alter one in Photoshop to get it ready for my blog. Sometimes i post messages on Twitter or facebook, answer messages on my messageboard. Most mornings are taken up with blogging and checking out social network sites. The afternoons are for creating, making art or shooting videos. I really enjoy getting messy in the studio or in my backyard. I like to go walking in my neighbourhood to clear my head and come up with new ideas or solutions to problems. There is no real typical day - it really varies. Sometimes i teach a workshop so i'll be away at a Women's Center all afternoon. The evenings are often spent on website stuff, learning new programs like INDESIGN, drawing or reading creative books/magazines.

3.Do u feel that the internet has influenced your creativity?? In what ways and what suggestions would u give to other creatives regarding their art and the internet as well as being out there faceto face with people

I think that the internet has opened up my world - it's easier to be found if you have a web presence. It's a great way to connect with other creatives, form groups, forums etc. It makes it easy to reach out and let people know what you are about and what you love. I think many more artists are getting book contracts, magazine projects etc. because of the internet. People are getting discovered much more easily. It's important to get a blog or create a website if you would like to get known or simply to share your art with others of like mind. One thing though about the internet is that we often do not have face to face connections with folks - its important to make that a priority otherwise the connections are not as real or as authentic. Try and get to conventions or form groups with REAL LIVE people if you can. Nothing can replace face to face contact.

4.Now that u have written a book is there a sequel in the future?? what does it look like?

I'm thinking if there is a book in the near future it will be more about living a creative life........as an eccentric......and being authentic rather than strictly a how-to book. I will never say never to anything else though - right now i can't think of it since i'm still into promoting this one and creating workshops based on it.

5. Describe your creative business....things that u are doing now or want to pursure in the near future.

My creative business? Well i would like to revamp my website and have it reflect more of who i am today - so on the front page there will be a place to buy my book, e-book (to come), online classes, etc. I need to make some passive streams of income - increase my income as i've been spending way too much money getting my Creative business going. I guess getting back to your question - i do a variety of things - promote my books, i do the occassional magazine project (haven't in a while), teach at Women's centers and in my studio and do the occassional illustration job. I would like to give talks on Creativity so i'm going to Toastmasters to overcome my fear of public speaking. Like you i'm a gemini so need lots of variety to keep me entertained. Oh.....one more thing i plan on doing is "renting my brain" or being a Creative Catalyst.......sort of like a coach. People are often e-mailing me for inspiration or talking to me on the phone or coming by the house. Naturally i can't keep doing that for free and still survive so i would like to share my expertise in a more formal way.!

Thanks so much for being on the Virtual Blog Tour Rhonda. I appreciate it.



"Joyful art that feeds the soul!"

My book is released - Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your Inner Eccentric

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice

Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.

As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates in June, but the people on the Southern half of the earth have their longest summer day in December.

The seeds u planted in the spring...watch them blossom and grow,seeds can be your intentions for this year....

The above pic is my altar...

Bright Blessings;

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Car Free Day................

Today I had the pleasure to partake of a grassroots event not only in my hood but my city,Vancouver BC. The weather was in total co-operation which bought out many people from all over....three other areas in the city were also onboard i had good intention of wanting to go to other city areas but oh the crowds!!!

I love the grassroots approach by people for the people good-bye middle man. creativity was all about the streets. energy was high and it was a free event as these things should be.
I loved the little touches such as the faeries flitting about asking for donations for the event in a noninvasive way, the kewl thing is they so fit with the whole stitching of the day. Live music,dj's were from one end to another as i strolled about The park had a main stage with local music.

I am all about walkable,accessible,car free communities and this was a great win win example , from the turnout it
was wildly successful. Artists were all around me their creativity there for all to see full of imagination..the eye candy was awesome. I am not a big crowd person and i felt myself wearing down rather quickly as i was jostled about.. As i wandered back towards my sanctuary i was filled with such pride for my hood and city also hope that grassroots approaches continue to have a place within our fast paced world..

In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, June 8, 2009

My People,My People

I gotta tell ya the past week has been full ,full ,full of celebrations. I've celebrated my upcoming residency and also a birthday. What has been the true blessings in all of this are my people yep my friends who i love and adore!!

My people are diverse,supportive,unique bunch of individuals and my life journey has been abundant with all of them in it. Life is interesting and i am finding it more so as i age. Why u ask? its not really one thing that i can put my finger on its everything and i think these thoughts come from my recent travels. Mexico showed me daily about showing up and being there in whatever i was doing right now!! not tomorrow or next week but right now.

What i loved about the culture is the priority of people in their day to day lives ya see i feel that my people have an important place in my life and having that validated was wonderful throughout my travels.

What i want to say to my people is that u matter to me and i could not continue to do life without all that u add. Thank-You!!!

I begin slowly the process of going through my stuff to see what will come along with me and what will be left behind. I am trying to give myself lots of room and time to get all the things that need to done before i move on from the city,i am grateful that i will have the summer in the city.

I will over the next bit post pics of my present sanctuary where i live and work also some of my neighborhood pics this is for those of u that don't live in the area or the country for that matter.

Have an awesome Day and tell your people that they matter!!!

The above pic was taken last year (spring,summer 2008)when i was living,arting ,working in Wells BC i was clowning around at this funky art shop that lived in a church and some things like the pulpit was left behind..kewl eh!!

Bright Blessings;

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dreaming Out Loud

What are dreams made of? hmmm as dreams are coming true right before my very eyes I've pondered upon it.
Are we born with dreams as part of our DNA,do they develop as we grow. well all i can tell u from my experiences is that my life has been full of dreams and i am living them out loud and proud. Have u just tripped in here well then allow me to bring u up to date....Last year i was away from my home for a year the spring/summer was spent in North BC and then then winter traveling about in Mexico. Mexico was something that i had dreamed and spoke about for years and lo and behold it happened!!! I have been back for 2.5 months from my travels adjusting and figuring what my next journey would be.. Well i am happy to say that the Creative Journey continues..please read on.. I received this acceptance this morning

Dear Rhonda,
Thank you for applying to the Kent Harrison Arts Council Artist in Residence Program. We are very pleased to announce that your application was selected for the upcoming 2009-2010 Residency Schedule. I will be mailing a contract in the next two weeks.
We look forward to your Residency at the Ranger Station Art Gallery in Harrison Hot Springs BC
Rosa Quintana

The above photo i took early on in my travels in Puerto Vallarta,I loved this celebratory mosaic its free flowing and open ended not to mention very colorful. What i love about mosaics is that piece by piece they are put together much like a puzzle which takes time and thought making sure there is a fit very much like life.

Stay tuned as i write about my residency before,during and after it should prove to be another interesting creative stroll. I will reveal what my year end show will entail and how i will create on a budget!! I will write about my personal and professional life here at the Frugal Artiste space. Thanx so much for stopping in and i hope to see u again soon. I welcome your comments and feedback.

In Artistic Solidarity;

Harrison Hot Springs
What is an Artist In Residence?
Artist-in-residence programs and other residency opportunities allow visiting artists to stay and work 'for art's sake'. These programs offer conditions that are conducive to creativity and they provide for working facilities, ready to be used by individual artists.

No two artist-in-residence programs are the same. Each program has its own background and atmosphere. Some focus on only one discipline of the arts, most offer facilities for any discipline: visual arts, literature, music, performing arts, architecture, design, dance. Working periods differ enormously: from two weeks to six months or sometimes even a year. There are also a lot of differences in financial resources, housing and studio facilities, application procedures, selection procedures, coaching and exhibiting.

My year Travels: