Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Cycle Of Life..............

Holy Jumpings....September is flying by me faster than i can keep much to say.however i will save much of it to share throughout different posts.I've begun my second year as Artist in Residence here in Harrison Hot Springs,BC

I write about the cycle of life as i see it fits..The Salmon run has been going on for several weeks and what i understand is that its one of the biggest runs in a long time. In my neck of the woods its like the wild kingdom here as there are bears,cougars,seals,hawks,eagles etc all hanging about grabbing their fair share of the delicacy Salmon as it passes them by. I feel lucky that a friend has Lent me her telescope so that i can take a closer look at some of the wildlife...

In fact a bear sighting was just down the road from the gallery...yikes!!! all part and parcel of country living.

There is also new life coming soon...My daughter is in her last months of pregnancy and this Nana is very excited about holding new life..above is a beautiful of Miss. Taylor in all her pregnant glory!!!

The cycle of life also brings death....My ex husband passed away very recently at the young age of 58 years old,it was certainly a shake up for me as I've known him for 28 years of my life and he's also the father of and death have a way of humbling a person which has been my experience.

The blessings of having my first solo art show is that my work is out and fave piece was the wall altar,my friend Megan purchased that piece before the show opened...I feel very lucky that whenever i visit her space there that blessed piece is. The kewl thing is Megan loves this piece. How blessed i feel!!

I would like to take the time to introduce u to Kasperian better known as Kasper...Now some of u have heard my cat stories since the passing of my loved shadow cat, I missed him dearly and wanted to reconnect again with a fur ball plus there are mice here in the country and i do not cohabitat well with little things that scurry. moving along I've had two other rescues that didn't work out and i had given up hope that i would have a cat in my life. However i can finally say that I've found a connection.. and he is kewl....friendly,loving,talkative,loves to cuddle, and adores his treats!!!

Kasperian is a 10 year old Himalayan that i got off craigslist from a single mom and two kids,her son had severe allergies and kasper wasn't lucky me got to adopt him,the other neat thing is his last humans and i keep in touch they came to visit him sir kasperian has extended family..

Well that's a catch up folks..there is more to come...I hope this post finds each and everyone of u well in body,mind and spirit....Blessings

In Artistic Solidarity;