Thursday, February 10, 2011

catch me if u can..............

Howdy partners,
thought i would drop in and give ya an update.....Life is on a higher speed here at the sanctuary as various deadlines have passed and more are looming in front of me.
I have returned to the gallery working on the life is gonna be pretty full for awhile,adding to that is the work I've been doing with my life coach...
My digital camera gave up last week and i have another one making its way to me as I type Thank Goddess for online ordering when u live in a small town.... My camera is an all important tool in my daily life so feeling a tad exposed without it .I am working slowly but surely on my next upcoming show material as the countdown is on......I have many large props to create for this show.Many of the props will be for sale. The past month has flown by me kinda hard to catch my breath.There are certain mediums that i will be adding into my art practice that will show up in the "SoleMate Show".
The studio is humming with creative projects in progress, I have felt so blessed this past year and half ,living and being a realized dream.its been joyful with alot of hard work thrown in. Believe me when i say that most times i was flying by the seat of my pants as i jumped into many unknowns. The studio is my place to be a mad creative alchemist when i walk in that space ideas swirl about in the head but the creative spirit leads me about the studio.
So its time to settle in for the next couple of months and bring this show to a completion that also will be close to the end of my residency of two years.
The call for a new Artist in Residence goes out March 1st,2011. They begin September 1st I finish August 31st,2011. I am ready to move on and take a break from creative deadlines, creativity will still be for me but SoleMate will be the last show for a couple of years as i develop,research some key signature pieces and just rest!!! That i look forward to...The next many months will be about endings,closing doors and stepping into the next Rhonda adventure,as soon i know what i am doing u will get a heads up. I leave with u today with a 3 month picture of my divine "button" Olivia and also a shoe altar for SoleMate...See ya soon
In Artistic Solidarity ;