Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Settling Inside and Out..............

How are you??? I am alive and kicking here at Casa De Sanctuary!!! that's my name for my new space. why name it u ask...well in my travels last year about Mexico it was something that i noticed, is people would name their places. One of the reasons i observed was some of the places were off the beaten path especially in the jungle and naming it made it easier to ask for directions and the other thing is its personal and a great way to claim your space.

I've been focused on settling into my inside and outside space...its such a pleasure to have more space and truly be able to spread out and to have my very own studio..Those of u just joining me here i lived in Vancouver in a studio apt of 400 sq feet,so doubling my space is like winning the housing lottery.

A frequent question that keeps being asked is aren't u lonely??? hmmm lonely for what and who has time as I've literally been thrown into the residency with deadlines galore plus the beginning process of creating my body of work,i fall into bed most nights at 10pm from exhaustion.

My days begin at 7-730 am with a hour walk around the lake..i roll out of bed throw on my clothes and out the door sleepwalking with my eyes wide open but fuzzy brain.not sure what that will look like when the frequent rains come(groan)

Upon arrival home..tea kettle goes turned on..tea is ready i sit in my chair by the window looking at the view of the lake..a couple of sips of tea then reach for my notebook as i am doing the Artists of the components is morning pages(3 pages written about anything)

That's done..tidy my daughter and then tackle computer tasks....Then its Studio Time,which brings me to my work schedule..

In order to gain and create the most from this residency year i have had to implement a focused work schedule. So i am unavailable from 10 am -2 pm Monday-Friday as i create away..

Saturday and Sundays i am at the Gallery from 1 pm-5 pm

Its early into it but i am committed to bringing my creativity forward into reality. Thus far Shadow(the cat) and I are enjoying our beautiful casa.

Please take a look at the above pics and i think they speak for themselves...Thanx so much for reading along as i create....

In Artistic Solidarity;


1-3 This is my walk in the mornings as u can see the landscape is breathtaking

4. My bathroom with a clawfoot tub and a goddess blessing the space.(the view from the window, the lake)

5. My beloved studio

6.My office nook and spare bedroom

7.Living room

8.My bedroom

9.Living room with shadow hanging out

10. Kitchen


  1. Wow! So nice to have a glimpse into your new place! Once again, you've made your new home look so inviting and warm. And so quickly! Keep up the good work. Way to go on the daily schedule! I too, find it is the only way to stay on track!
    see you soon,
    Heather xo

  2. Wow....your place is amazing.....i love it! you might be missing a couple of photos? I see some blank spots?

    No doubt all kinds of fabulou art, inspiration and wonderful connections will come from this residency! Yay you!

    Love, violette

  3. Wow--congratulations! What an exciting time for you! Thank you for sharing these first days with us. I've always thought it would be fabulous to do a residency somewhere... and your "somewhere" is gorgeous and must be so inspiring.

    Cheers from Holland :-)