Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Residency Begins................

Hey there......
Thanx so much for popping in,its good to see you. I am now full time in Harrison Hot Springs,gotta tell ya I'm liking it. Yesterday i finished up the loose ends in Vancouver and was i glad to get back to my new quiet hood!!!

Due to the fact that i have many deadlines upon me i will take this week off to organize home and studio spaces. My bed faces the window on the water,what a beauty view. The first night here one would think i would sleep through from a moving day from hell,nope i awoke thinking that something was wrong as it was very quiet!!!

There has been company and more coming despite the fact that I've been here 5 days only,i received much needed help with moving heavier items,the lowering of my daybed etc..thanx gals!

My gallery work schedule is Saturday and Sundays 1-5 pm and soon a studio work schedule stay tuned....The purpose of this blog is to document my artists residency throughout the year it may be helpful for anyone who is interested in applying , also for the non artists as to what a residency is about and how they can be supported.

I shall return as each creative day unfolds,for those of u not close by this is a window into my artists world and i welcome your input and feedback.


1. This way folks to the gallery come on down!!

2.Harrison Hot Springs Banner

3 & 4. My morning walk(nice surroundings and i don't wear my headphones as no noise has to be blocked out)

5. Working it on my drum

6. The lowering of the daybed(Jody and terry)

7.My fave little girly pink hammer Jody bent(what were u thinking?) not a useful tool for the job

8. Jody and a very useful tool for the daybed

9. The first gathering and blessings of good friends and food

10. Flowers from Cindy E. given to me at the welcome reception at the gallery August 16/09

Well that's all i write for today i am off to make some sense of the studio as i will be having a play art date on Thursday...

In Artistic Solidarity;

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