Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sign of the times..

Now Showing at the gallery:
Soul Archaeology
What has been great about being the past 1.5 yrs is seeing some of the art.. and i have a few faves..this particular show is one of my all time faves since I've been here..its a family show,husband,wife and daughter all hail from Hope BC..There are a number of pieces i would be happy to have adorn my sanctuary..the show is on until the end of March here at the gallery in Harrison Hot Springs we're open 7 days a week...Come on down..The pics that i have attached will speak for themselves...

Greetings Readers;
It always amazes me how as a world humility is presented to us..this time its Japan that asks for our awareness and support..A call came yesterday from a friend that has family in a part of Japan that was touched by some of the fallout...although they are ok my friends family members..The worry is still there...I was asked to light a candle for which I did as I walked to my altar to add another white candle with others already burning. The phone has rung many times in the last two weeks for the lighting of candles and energy to be sent out. My altar is working overtime these days. I am still without a car,some think I am stranded out a point yes but on the other hand I feel that the lighting of the candles on my altar is where I'm needed right now instead of being out and about. This has been a good time to delve deep into my art practice and spirituality as they've become one.

Many aspects of my show are coming into being,its scary some moments and then other moments I boogie about in the delight of discovery within and out. The last week has been the rediscovery of connecting with nature between snow and rain periods,the walks separates the feelings from poor old me without a car,a camera that is being pushed beyond its boundaries and just life shit. I am grateful for the work that has been accomplished with my life coach.Time is ticking as my deadline is quickly approaching,not quite sure what my blessings are in all of this,although for now the challenge(s) continue to present themselves in various forms and I put one foot in front of the other going forward.

Today gazing out at the lake from downstairs in the gallery(its a workday),the door opens with the arrival of my new sign for my May show... I am delighted with the outcome of this new sign..

My Thanx goes out to Ernie for his creativity. Thanx so much Ernie, Irene,Billie& Elsie for crossing the threshold of the gallery today..Well its almost closing time in the gallery, as I make my way up the stairs with my sign in my arms and kasper close on my heels, I enter my studio world lovingly placing my sign down on a cleared spot on the work table..hurrying to get into work clothes wanting to place my mark on my sign. The cd player is turned on with another new audio book playing in the background sitting in my chair readying to zone into my work.

The heart is full doing what I love and so I will say so long for now as I tackle the Sign of the Times...I send blessings from Casa Sanctuary..
In Artistic Solidarity;


1.Sign for Show..SOLEMATE

2. Collage clock for show books

4. Chair for the show

5-8. These faboo pieces are called "Atomatons" from the Soul Archaeology Show at gallery

9-12. Soul Archaeology Pieces

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alter Any Thing and Show update

Well life goes on and so will the show..7.5 weeks to go before I complete my exit show as the present Artist in Residence.The shout out will go out soon check out their website if u have an interest...I must say its done me the world of good as an experience and skill level has certainly expanded.
Its been an interesting time here at the Sanctuary as life is life...Thank goddess for life coaches and friends!! ok where to start lets see my camera is down and out although with enough babying I've been able to push it along..but alas I did order another one and that has been the gong no new camera yet...then there is my car yep that had its enough last Thursday and yesterday morning I let it go to be altered/recycled into something different. it was a good ride for almost 4 years that gypsy car and I went many places..Yep definitely I am in need of another car but for the now my friend is lending me her van a couple days a week.
Finally I am grooving and moving with the new show "Soulmate" can one be giddy about art shows..well this gal is..The Harrison Hot Springs are alive with the sound of creativity,lets all put our hands together. Delegating aspects of the show to others takes pressure off from me having to do everything. Thanx Megan,Krystin,Kevin,Jamie,Pam,Ernie. I will leave u with little glimpses of what's happening behind the scenes here at the Sanctuary..Due to the fact that I am swamped I'll get back to u when I can...Oh by the way my little button is now 4 months old..where does the time go...Rock on in the creative world...
In Artistic Solidarity;