Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life and Times of Artist in Residence

I send u greetings from Harrison Hot Springs;
here i is and its been almost a month since i last wrote here..tell me is it an age thing or does time truly have wings..i believe so especially when it comes to keeping this blog up to date. The residency continues to be a creative learning curve that i am enjoying as there appears to always be something ahead..

I've been here three months the end of November..I still am enjoying all that this experience is as its diverse each day....the peace,tranquil laid back life is growing on me which is evident in so many ways that i approach my life. There are pros and cons to anything and small towns are no exception. What has been a saving grace is all of u and my commitment to my art..The awesome news that i would like to share is my solo show will be in July 2010!!! OK for those of u unfamiliar with my new hood,its a resort village yep...and during July there is a festival of the arts that has been ongoing for 30 plus years the festival consists of art market,kids day,art exhibit,concerts(world music) and some of these concerts take place on the really is an awesome time for me to show.

My community outreach for my residency here has consisted of working in the alternative school facilitating some art workshops with the teens and i got to say that i am thoroughly enjoying this experience,mostly teen males but they are adding a whole different dimension to my creative life and the fact is they are loving what we are doing. I also have been facilitating workshops in my studio,Life Drawing just finished on Friday.Artist Trading Cards will begin mid January.

The residency has kept my day timer full of this and that appointment. Which brings me to yes i am creating many different pieces for my show,its alot of work with so many details to each piece. As of November 30th/2009 i will have three months off from some of my residency commitments. I know your thinking it will be time for me to kickback.....aww no rest for this creative one as i will be laying out my timeline for studio work and tighten up the pieces i will be creating.

Recently i had the pleasure of hosting a very dear friend of mine we've known each other for 27 years..Garry is not only a friend but my art mentor,when i was much younger i was his student.
It was great having him here to witness my creative transformation and to hear his feedback,insight of my work.

The other thing i did was bring other old friends together in my Sanctuary,it was a good time had by all.

The next entry will be on a piece that i entered into the miniature show here at the gallery,i surprised myself at the outcome of this piece.

Well dear readers its almost time for me to close the gallery and head up to the Sanctuary to prepare for another full week.. Thanx so much for stopping in.

In Artistic Solidarity;


1. Party at the Sanctuary........

2.My dear Garry and moi

3,4,5 Mosaic Making at (ACE School)

6.Graffiti T-Shirts (ACE School)

7.My creative centre(The studio)

8.My gal pal Nancy came to visit and hang from Powell River

9.Eagle Watching(this is the time of the year that the eagles return to this area)