Saturday, July 30, 2011

Plan Not To Plan

Hola Amiga's and Amigo's;

I'm somewhat close to being ready to launch into my new life although when u look about its utter chaos around here.

There has been lots of learning that I've gained from choosing to move on from Canada,some of that learning has been downright emotional..guess u are getting the picture that my heart is open and i am totally exposed this is what is called wide open people.

Life is an ongoing journey, now I'm not saying its been smooth sailing,there have been some ruts that I've tumbled into from time to time and Murphy's law has come a knocking for short visits.

Plan not to Plan is a fitting title for this posting as i had a master moving plan and boy it was pretty everything right down to the detail..In my head it ebbed and flowed my plan with beautiful classical music playing quietly in the background,OK well now lets talk about the reality.

1. I live in a rural location well if that's not enough there are no service pick ups out here. OK there is but at outrageous prices.

2. there is one of me

3. I have way too much crap( I'm past using the word stuff or treasures as this shit is outta here..gone is the attachment)

4. I have the worst stairs in the world quite steep.

5.International moves have different requirements in packing

6. The what the hell do i do with the stuff I'm keeping(way way less then when i started out)

7. Good Boxes cost money!!!

8. The reality of flying with a pet( holy!! this is a whole post in itself)

9. The ideal of thinking I'll meet my outta of here timeline...... right!!!
and so on etc............

So my initial plan has been shot by the reality of the actual day to day plan...That's the downside of my present reality...There is an upside its called the unexpected...

1. The help time from friends and goddess knows I've needed it...its manifested in so many ways

2. Gifts and surprises( ugh my tear ducts are working )

3. Pick me ups....I've needed to be picked up several times when i have hit the wall and now especially when i am almost to the finish calls,face to face visits

4. Reality shortage of those and u know who u are!!!

5. REALLY!!! The LOVE AND HONOUR from so many of ya...

So the plan was thrown out the window awhile back and now i am free flowing emotions and no worries if u see me mumbling away to myself,looking all intense, moving at a faster pace then normal...Let me go cause i am on a Mission making my way to Mexico on Manana (meaning: Tomorrow) time

Learning and Loving Rhonda

1.beautiful necklace from my friend Violette made by her

2.My lucky Catcus, my friend Cindy made for me..."People Love to Give Me Money"

3. Kasper boxed and ready to go

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Art Of Detachment

Hi Y'all
The sun is shining...this morning I was chatting with a friend when she said to me "I hear the detachment in your voice" hmm this was pondered when walking and sitting by the lake...what was interesting about this conversation yes I am detaching my feet are in two directions waiting for soon they will point the same way at the same time.

I feel the detachment but have no idea what it sounds like...although its been in practice since the decision was made to call Mexico home. The days of interaction are much like the last post,its about the clearing out,letting go and detaching from it all here. Let me say ya never know when my tears well up with vulnerabilities rising and the menopause can not be used as an excuse,goddess knows I've tried lol lol lol.This is big stuff but as the words are written into this posting its all good. Moving about has been part of my life however this is the second biggest clearing out process that I've undertaken.

I am now at the point with the remaining stuff that I want you to just take it...remembering several months back when my mentor suggested that I give away all my old artwork(not my personal collection) she did not come close to me agreeing, I was horrified,defensive and full of resistance..

The universe has a funny way of making one listen as three times from friends they uttered " looks like you will be traveling quite light" with a snort I dismissed that sage advice until very recently when I felt utterly trapped within all of this stuff,when the time is right there are shifts and so I shifted allowing much of the stuff to lead me especially the art pieces to where it would reside and it truly has been a beautiful experience.How happy I am knowing that what I once loved has been embraced by others that feel the connection its been humbling and insightful.

I am truly near ready to walk on into new life feeling free from old stuff to me new to u....the clear spaces has me awe struck. The hardest part of letting go is the beginning and then in my humble opinion its all uphill from there. I feel like a new and improved person trying on,doing and being detachment..its something that has definite advantages of living life.

I am detachment!!

In Loving Detachment;