Monday, June 1, 2009

Dreaming Out Loud

What are dreams made of? hmmm as dreams are coming true right before my very eyes I've pondered upon it.
Are we born with dreams as part of our DNA,do they develop as we grow. well all i can tell u from my experiences is that my life has been full of dreams and i am living them out loud and proud. Have u just tripped in here well then allow me to bring u up to date....Last year i was away from my home for a year the spring/summer was spent in North BC and then then winter traveling about in Mexico. Mexico was something that i had dreamed and spoke about for years and lo and behold it happened!!! I have been back for 2.5 months from my travels adjusting and figuring what my next journey would be.. Well i am happy to say that the Creative Journey continues..please read on.. I received this acceptance this morning

Dear Rhonda,
Thank you for applying to the Kent Harrison Arts Council Artist in Residence Program. We are very pleased to announce that your application was selected for the upcoming 2009-2010 Residency Schedule. I will be mailing a contract in the next two weeks.
We look forward to your Residency at the Ranger Station Art Gallery in Harrison Hot Springs BC
Rosa Quintana

The above photo i took early on in my travels in Puerto Vallarta,I loved this celebratory mosaic its free flowing and open ended not to mention very colorful. What i love about mosaics is that piece by piece they are put together much like a puzzle which takes time and thought making sure there is a fit very much like life.

Stay tuned as i write about my residency before,during and after it should prove to be another interesting creative stroll. I will reveal what my year end show will entail and how i will create on a budget!! I will write about my personal and professional life here at the Frugal Artiste space. Thanx so much for stopping in and i hope to see u again soon. I welcome your comments and feedback.

In Artistic Solidarity;

Harrison Hot Springs
What is an Artist In Residence?
Artist-in-residence programs and other residency opportunities allow visiting artists to stay and work 'for art's sake'. These programs offer conditions that are conducive to creativity and they provide for working facilities, ready to be used by individual artists.

No two artist-in-residence programs are the same. Each program has its own background and atmosphere. Some focus on only one discipline of the arts, most offer facilities for any discipline: visual arts, literature, music, performing arts, architecture, design, dance. Working periods differ enormously: from two weeks to six months or sometimes even a year. There are also a lot of differences in financial resources, housing and studio facilities, application procedures, selection procedures, coaching and exhibiting.

My year Travels:

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