Monday, June 8, 2009

My People,My People

I gotta tell ya the past week has been full ,full ,full of celebrations. I've celebrated my upcoming residency and also a birthday. What has been the true blessings in all of this are my people yep my friends who i love and adore!!

My people are diverse,supportive,unique bunch of individuals and my life journey has been abundant with all of them in it. Life is interesting and i am finding it more so as i age. Why u ask? its not really one thing that i can put my finger on its everything and i think these thoughts come from my recent travels. Mexico showed me daily about showing up and being there in whatever i was doing right now!! not tomorrow or next week but right now.

What i loved about the culture is the priority of people in their day to day lives ya see i feel that my people have an important place in my life and having that validated was wonderful throughout my travels.

What i want to say to my people is that u matter to me and i could not continue to do life without all that u add. Thank-You!!!

I begin slowly the process of going through my stuff to see what will come along with me and what will be left behind. I am trying to give myself lots of room and time to get all the things that need to done before i move on from the city,i am grateful that i will have the summer in the city.

I will over the next bit post pics of my present sanctuary where i live and work also some of my neighborhood pics this is for those of u that don't live in the area or the country for that matter.

Have an awesome Day and tell your people that they matter!!!

The above pic was taken last year (spring,summer 2008)when i was living,arting ,working in Wells BC i was clowning around at this funky art shop that lived in a church and some things like the pulpit was left behind..kewl eh!!

Bright Blessings;

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