Friday, April 17, 2009

HopScotch Of Creative Life

Welcome to the Frugal Artiste Lounge;
The lounge was created to dialogue about my Frugal lifestyle.
For me, being a frugal artist is a holistic approach that spills over into other areas of my life. Creating on a zero to minimal budget is possible, but it takes a bit more work than just walking into an art/craft store and purchasing the latest art must-haves. I look at everything with an eye toward transforming it. This includes household items such as bleach, wax, shoe polish and dryer lint.Experimenting with
unconventional stuff is frugal alchemy, as in many cases the stuff you buy at the supermarket or hardware store is the same as the stuff at the craft store, but it costs less.

I love the thrill of obtaining items through friends,secondhand stores,
dumpster diving Items with a past life excite and challenge me to create a new identity for them. I grew up on land loving the space and the handmade life that my family created. I didn't know the meaning of frugal until my mid twenties as it was a way of growing up however today its become a buzz word,a marketing tool.Being a frugal artist shows up in my home and my art. I downsized from 1700 square feet to a bachelor (400 square feet).

It’s been a challenge, but as I look at my small space today all around me is proof of frugal eclectic creativity, from my burlap curtains to my hall wallpaper which, made from sewing pattern tissue, brown shoe polish and glue, cost me $5.00. Other ways it shows up is when I am working with others. I am very passionate about creativity and sharing it with others as a way to move through life. If you come to my home you can be sure that there is always something in the making, and I welcome participation.

The Past year i embarked on a journey and its impacted me in a wonderful way.The spring/ summer of 2008 i went to and art in Northern BC, approx 500 population in a very creative town called Wells,BC. At the end of August i returned to Vancouver for two weeks and then off I went to fulfill a dream of traveling in Mexico and i did that for 7 months.So here i am back in Vancouver for a month now looking at people,places and situations through new refreshed eyes,heart and soul.

The lounge is writing and sharing my frugal life with some of my past year experiences. although this space was created by me its also about you. I would love for you to share your creative art,frugal lifestyle or just stepping on the frugal path i welcome you to share here.

A Big Shout Out To Kathy Braun For The Awesome Banner she created for the Frugal Artiste Blog !!!!

I have a question about the above pic with the Hopscotch game,as a child i played this game but today as much time has passed i forget how its played...can ya tell me how.

The shadow box was something i created when i was trying to figure out what was important to me in life and there is nothing like creativity to give one insight.

Comments,insights,experiences are well welcome here..Thanx so much for dropping in..see ya soon.

In Artistic Solidarity;

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  1. That was so nice. I am glued to this blog now. :-)