Sunday, June 14, 2009

Car Free Day................

Today I had the pleasure to partake of a grassroots event not only in my hood but my city,Vancouver BC. The weather was in total co-operation which bought out many people from all over....three other areas in the city were also onboard i had good intention of wanting to go to other city areas but oh the crowds!!!

I love the grassroots approach by people for the people good-bye middle man. creativity was all about the streets. energy was high and it was a free event as these things should be.
I loved the little touches such as the faeries flitting about asking for donations for the event in a noninvasive way, the kewl thing is they so fit with the whole stitching of the day. Live music,dj's were from one end to another as i strolled about The park had a main stage with local music.

I am all about walkable,accessible,car free communities and this was a great win win example , from the turnout it
was wildly successful. Artists were all around me their creativity there for all to see full of imagination..the eye candy was awesome. I am not a big crowd person and i felt myself wearing down rather quickly as i was jostled about.. As i wandered back towards my sanctuary i was filled with such pride for my hood and city also hope that grassroots approaches continue to have a place within our fast paced world..

In Artistic Solidarity;

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