Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tick Tock

How Do You? this is a short sweet post to update you all about the going ons here in the studio and casa..its total creative chaos!!!! I am totally down to the wire and got hit with unwellness so kinda pushing myself to the finish line right now...

Some of my pieces are large and heavy so they don't fit in the studio plus adding a back injury trying to get those suckers up those stairs isn't happening.

This puts me in a place of having to work off site like in Mission 45 minutes away,with my energy being extremely low right now, just gotta suck it up and move on down the road..

I leave u with some behind the scenes pics of the creative chaos here at alteredanything studio..I don't know about u but I am looking forward to a party.Oh yes party the invites are out did u receive yours? if your interested in signing up for my monthly newsletter let me know.....Please send an email to alteredanything@shaw.ca

In Artistic Solidarity;

4.studio chaos
5. more shoes
6.the making of a pinata by Krystin
7.Solemate Sign completed

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