Monday, April 4, 2011

The Finish Line...........

Hi All;
Hello from my overflowing studio..I am much closer to the deadline/finishline with one month plus days to go...Actually its going well with production...The challenge that faces me is it's a different art show from last year...This is a story show somewhat and many parts of the story will be throughout the gallery..

The space sets the tone and then by way of the final installation/setup which takes up to three days the story unfolds with many tweaks. As u have noticed i haven't shared much of this show with u here. Installation i think may be something for me to explore from this experience,one thinks way differently because there are so many parts which are not necessarily contained.gotta say this is fun mind u at this point I am art and its very consuming. Time out when i do push myself is important in maintaining some sort of inner/outer balance.

I believe that it takes a community to support an artist , I have been so grateful to be the recipient of those diverse blessings. As the studio hums and groans with a overflow of creativity,here i sit my hands creating ,my mind thinking,pausing,reflecting over the last 1.5 years here...soon it will be time to pack up and move on but for now i am savoring every minute of this living dream..Thanx so much for sharing this journey with me..its been creatively righteous!!!

On March 26th I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop called "A Chair of Her Own"in Hope BC now the title speaks for itself its about a chair,however what i really like when i teach is that people do what is in their comfort zone so for some a chair wasn't in their future but creativity was. My teaching style is pretty hands off I follow the premise that creativity leads however it manifests and as the facilitator i follow, its something that has worked well for me and the participants. The workshop was a full day and the outcomes were very kewl as everyone put their mark on chairs or....
The day ended and i had the pleasure of staying at Billie's and her family home (hope) for the night,it was awesome the day and evening and i felt so lucky for these experiences.

Billie and her family are Artists so being in their home was awesome cause very much like my home its an artist space up close and personal. There is a magazine called studios which is full color pages of Artist studios the thing about this is that its all staged for me that's not real...What was real was being smack in the middle of my friends live/work home and it was validation for the life that chose me.
Yes i do now have wheels which helps as being close to the finish line which helps in running for little things here and there.

My "little button"(Olivia)is now 5 months old...yikes time moves quickly...Its a studio day here at Casa Sanctuary so i am off...Rock On!!!

Picture Talk:

1. Funky Shoes on the wall of Hope Art Machine Art Centre

2-4. pieces by yours truly for my show "Solemate"

5.Shiny signage

6.participant from "A Chair Of Her Own"

7. Inside Hope Art Machine

8. grandmother and grandaughter creativity(grandaughter's name was Taylor)

9. workshop creativity

10. The workshop group

11. crossing a bridge in Harrison Hot Springs(my walk about)

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