Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!!!!

Dearest Family and Friends........

Today is Winter Solstice,a lunar eclipse and the first day of winter...really could the universe pack anymore in....Today is the day I meditate and reflect on my past year.Today is my day all day to honor myself in meditation. I will meditate in movement (walking) I will meditate in Sitting at my altar ,I will meditate in creativity( I am doing an intuitive painting) Today I will Meditate!!!!
I just got back recently from a trip to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) it was a good time in so many ways it felt like home....This gift was unexpected from my gal pal Joyce who really wanted me to go to Mexico as it had been two years since I had been back. When I walked off that plane and stepped onto Mexico soil my arms lifted and my mouth opened with the words I'm back! Mexico and I warmly embraced.
It was a whirlwind of delight...the sounds,colors,the people all touched me and I walked on like I never left 2 years back....Joyce and I had never traveled together but let me tell u my friend was a true delight to be with...we laughed daily,we talked and talked deepening our friendship...There were many reunions with old friends in Puerto Vallarta and made new ones also....I would walk into familiar places and would be remembered by name it was as if it was yesterday that I was just there.
There is something about Mexico that touches my soul deeply and I now know that it will a part of my future in some way, as it develops I will let u know. The past year has been an interesting journey. Losses and Gains have been part and parcel.. with death( the passing of Taylor's dad ,my ex husband who I knew for 27 years) there comes life the birth of my little button Olivia. Another creative year of residency awarded to me. The passing of my beloved familiar Shadow(cat) and then the blessing of Kasperian (cat) My first solo art show July 2010. The Sanctuary this past year became a stop for many. My word for 2010 was Create and that I have done in so many diverse ways.
Thank-You for your support,friendship, family ties,love,encouragement,cards,emails,letters,gifts,patience,sharing and caring....Thank You!!!
As the holidays rush upon us,I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of u Happy Solstice and Blessed Holidays!!! From my Sanctuary to yours.....See u in 2011


P:S..I ended up not feeling well the day before i left Mexico and then got slammed big time with a cold when i got home,just getting back on my feet..but taking it easy...


1. Happy Holidays from Olivia

the remaining pics are from Mexico..enjoy


  1. Blessed Solstice to you!! love Lisa & Deb

  2. Hey Rhonda, Happy Solstice to you too! Good to reflect today and be reminded to be present, which to me is an ongoing meditation. I am glad you had a good time in Mexico, it's your second or maybe third home???? My Dad had come today to stay with me during the holidays. We will go to visit the girls on X-mas day. I have completed another painting for Kayla. I am inspired to do some blogging by your wonderful blog. Talk soon, Tina