Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Hello Dear readers;
Thanx for dropping in to see what adventures I am up to.....I've been back at the Sanctuary now for about two weeks from my trip that welcomed my granddaughter into the world..Olivia is already a month time flies and even more so with this new little life.
I arrived home to plunging temperatures and incoming snow..The creative plate runneth over as I prepare to go forward into 2011. In January I add another delicacy to my plate,this time the commitment of working with a life coach that will assist me in evolving my creative vision,there is already homework to be done before the end of this shrinking year. There are many tasks ahead for me coming up more on that in later posts.
Today as I write this from my toasty workplace at the Ranger Station Gallery,its the first hopefully annual Passport Art Crawl,many people have crossed over the threshold,several first timers into this gallery.There is an air of excitement despite the chilled airs outside.
The Art Crawl here in Harrison Hot Springs Village has bought out a number of locals that normally don't otherwise shop or browse many of the participating crawl locations,with refreshments,door prizes it has enticed participants from outside these areas so all in all day one has been a success. Kasper has even hung out in the gallery to greet the visitors.
I am off on another adventure next week this time its Mexico.Yep after two years I am heading back to where my Mexico Journey began(Pureto Vallarta)........ My gal pal Joyce and I are off for fun,loads of Sun and can we all put our hands together for Margaritas!!!! So I will sign off for now but will be back all tanned,inspired and chilled!!!


1.The Divne Olivia at Thanksgiving(American) On November 30th she turned 1 month old

2.Kasper hanging in the Gallery to greet visitors for the Art Crawl 2010

3.Home Sweet Home now on display at Ranger Station Art Gallery....created from garbage thrown in and about Chilliwack River.... Artist: Andy Tucker

4&5. Harrsion passport for Art Crawl December 4&5 2010

6. Marilyn from Vancouver came to pick up her piece December 4th entitled"Full Moon" created by yours truly.this was a piece she purchased from my show "Divergence" July 2010.

7&8. Repurposed tree ornaments created by ACE students Thursday/Friday December 2&3

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