Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok All quiet down on the set.....At times my life feels like an action movie,don't get me wrong its evolving to be my dreams and that's a wonderful thing...
Happy Newest Year..Life is in take off mode here in the Sanctuary the holidays were good especially that unexpected trip to Mexico..hanging with friends embracing the quality time is just righteous and priceless. I have 8 months left of my 2nd year residency here in Harrison Hot Springs,just reacquainted myself with a new daytimer 2011 dates are filling up...This is gonna be a brief blog but have no fear there is more coming.

As many of u know I have an office/studio space in Mission which is 45 minutes from Harrison, I set up there as part of phasing myself out of here. The space is for workshops and private creative one to one sessions,there are appointments open so give it some thought ,u can stroll on over to my website www.alteredanything.ca and see what services are available.. Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops which I will post end of week early next week.

The posted pic is an intuitive painting I did on Solstice.(Click on for larger image)

Coming up also on the blog is an introduction to my new solo show in May 2011.Well folks that's all she wrote...
Take good care and see ya sooner rather than later..

My words for 2011 are:

In Artistic Solidarity;

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