Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi All;
I am writing this to u live from outside Washington DC awaiting the birth of my upcoming Nana Babe(translated:grandbaby) I'm still a tad jet lagged and adjusting to the 3 hr ahead time change.Its a working holiday while here with loads of flexibility.
The show must go on....I am going to work on my upcoming ideas for my show in May 2011 while here and feel that I am surrounded by perspective,when one is in need of a change up in perspective then move on, mind u it doesn't have to be as far as I've come something as simple as walking outside your familiar space.
I really am in love with where I do reside,what I love is the peace,tranquility,being surrounded by nature,huge privacy factor. the downside is that I am a distance from amenities that offers choices,friends,west coast express(brings me closer to Vancouver) ,international airport. Although I have come to the realization that I am a country gal first its that going back to my roots and a appreciation for the city as long as I not living there full time..visiting works. My daughter and her husband live on a military base and let me tell u that is a mind trip in itself.
My daughter warned me of Military music that is played 3x a day the first morning here I literally bolted out of bed yelling"Holy Fuck" , blasting at 6:30 am and I mean blasting all over the base through loud speakers is the wake up military music.
u hear different military music at 5:30pm and a night night at 9:00pm.Really!!! I wouldn't mind if it was music from my fave soul singer but no I do not know this music and did I say how damn loud it was....Talk about perspective..still working that one out.

I've been chillaxing in the short time i've been here..It feels good!!!!
Well dear readers thanx for dropping in good to see ya.....Time for me to partake in some creativity which will bring me back to u with pics..Stay Tuned!!!!
May your days be filled with creativity..
In Artistic Solidarity;
1. My view of serenity when i am working at the gallery

2. Taylor's pumpkin with ears(chuckle)

3. Katies kewl pumpkin

4. My painted pumpkin

5. Katie carving

6.Taylor carving

7.In the beginning Taylor and Katie

8. Pick a pumpkin any pumpkin

9. Taylor and moi,a visit to the pumpkin patch

10. Almost Olivia

11. Taylor preparing for breastfeeding,milking a cow

12. Kaspers cat sitter/buddy

13. kewl eh!!! made by my gal pal Tina and its all mine

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