Saturday, October 9, 2010


How ya all doing? Its always on my mind to update here while days pass me by...but here i am now..Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family and friends...As i write this i return from a peaceful walk about the lake out here in the out back of Harrison Hot Springs. I am recovering from a nasty flu bug that took ahold of me hard and fast..

My second year of my Artist Residency unfolds with a full schedule..all about changes.. I am happy to announce that i have opened up office/studio space in Mission BC. Mission has a larger population base that i can draw from for workshops,art parties and private one to one facilitation.

So my schedule is as follows this year:

2 days per week in Mission

1 day in Alternative School in Agassiz

2 days in Gallery

2 days in Studio

This is a tight schedule which at moments has left me overwhelmed,however I will be working with a life coach in the next little while regarding my creative biz in Mission. Walking this creative path brings up all sorts of interesting inner sights.

My second and final solo show in May 2011 at Ranger Station Art Gallery is an installation piece called "Sole Mate" more details will come in the new year.

Yes i do have time for me , its been interesting as soon enough i will need to make decisions as to where i will be going next...and my tendency is to go way ahead of myself instead of staying in the now.

Mind u the most exciting aspect of my life is the upcoming birth of my grandbaby this all being a whole new phase on the creative journey,so i will spend time hanging out with my daughter and her evolving family...

There is so much peace and quiet out here that i appreciate everyday and its something that i don't become tired of...Thursdays is my day in the school in Agassiz,so we created "Personal Shields" as of late my studio has been where i drop off stuff or packing up stuff that goes to Agassiz or Mission.

Not much creativity has been cooking there,last week before i got hit with the flu i tackled it and got it all cleaned,it felt like many weights had been lifted.. then i needed to do a sample for the school and i became lost in all my creative stuff and supplies..If heaven is like an art studio then sign me up..

I felt so much better inside and out and truly could see clearly...Last year i went from 5 days of studio work to i am lucky with my new schedule to get in there for the 2 days..however its an important part of who i am..

I share all of this with u,because i am sure many of u have noticed how crazy the world is out there. Doing something that is positive,proactive and brings joy is worth making it a priority in your life....Let me tell ya its worth and so are u....

After all of this writing i am off to the studio...Good Day to Ya

In Artistic Solidarity;

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