Friday, November 5, 2010

Creative Xpansion

Well Hey There;

I send u warm greetings from Maryland,USA...this is my home base for awhile as the blessed Nanna baby Olivia Lee Thompson was born on October 30th weighing in at 7lbs 9.7 oz. and my bias self thinks that she is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world.

Life places one where they need to be to learn what is to be seen in the now..I was there for the birth of Olivia and it was the most amazing experience that will stay with me for a long time. To witness new life incoming,no one could have told me how it impacts the deepest depths of your soul. I am totally away from my studio and that has been an adjustment mind u i have been sleep deprived until today, also thought i had lost my creative mojo,but alas its right here in me and i feel it coursing through me at light speed.

I've been thinking the last few days about a title for this particular writing and it kept going back to creative expansion...The experience that I've had regarding Olivia's birth began when my daughter told me she was pregnant and little did i know how fitting the title would be as i write this i realize that a new muse has come into being. Now that i am rested each time i hold/cuddle my "little button"(Olivia) something is happening inside,I see images,words,colors,art pieces that come clearly into my mind. This new little life is full of Technicolor she makes me laugh,become emotional and very protective. I remember these feeling well as Taylor my daughter had been my muse for many years before she went out on her own.

I missed the unspoken/spoken connection my daughter and I had for years when it came to my creativity,she was a natural born creative critic and an awesome perspective on assisting me in seeing my creations in different ways and i have these feelings with Olivia it makes me want to create,make,think,feel the art in ways that I've not experienced before.

Its good to expand ways of being as an artist. Although i am here to soak up baby love,its also a working time for me.. When i first arrived it was very difficult to do a little bit of work as i was pushing myself when i wasn't ready to do anything but just be and enjoy what was happening. In the past 48 hours that has changed,i feel creatively alive again filled up with possibilities just imagine i am in the presence of my two muses my daughter and granddaughter!!!! How lucky and grateful i feel knowing that i am walking the path i am meant to..

The upcoming 2011 is becoming clearer as i move forward with less trepidation, I can't wait to share whats upcoming..Thanx so much my dear readers for your support,encouragement,insights and just plain being there...what a difference many of u continue to make in my life. So please enjoy the pics of "Little Button" Take Care

In Artistic Solidarity;
A Happy Nanna Rhonda


1.6 day old Olivia holding her Olivia Pig

2. Fort Meade Military base

3. Nanna taking little button for her first walk

4. Little Button chillaxing

5. hours old

6. Miss.Olivia weighing in at an hour old

7.Mama Taylor holding her daughter after delivery

8-10. Taylor's Belly Cast by mom and TJ lending a hand

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  1. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! I am sure it's a thrill! Everyone says being a grandmother is so awesome! Looks like it's a great fit for you! Enjoy this time of baby love! I'm sure she'll love her Nana so much! One day you'll be sharing creative goodness with her

    Hugs Giggles