Friday, July 30, 2010


Well folks its Showtime...its a full house here at the Sanctuary and we all descend to the gallery as its near I enter the gallery I become overwhelmed at the number of people already present..I take the opportunity to go about and give hugs and hello's to the familiar and not familiar faces...Phyllis the executive director for the Harrison Festival of The Arts is my gracious hostess as well as I am the festivals artist. Short warm speech is presented by Phyllis and then I step forward to say truly a few words.

The gallery was packed with little room for me to run...although I am social,crowds are not my thing and I was feeling quite exposed for all to see.. My henna head was a hit(Thanx Nancy) I mingled and had a chance to chatter to some,plus The fact that there were a number of surprise guests that showed up which was very delightful!!!
It was alot to take in all at once... comments flew about and at me unfortunately it was all too much although on the outside I held it together. Several people saw my pieces in various stages as well as blog posts but it looks quite different when its all together.

I couldn't even come to terms that I did do all of this work and to think that I was worried that I didn't have enough work to fill the gallery lol lol. What was kewl were the number of locals that came to the reception.Did I sell pieces??? Well yes I did...Thank you to my patrons..

Thanx so much to Laurie and Terri who laid out a wonderful spread of food.I was way to neverous to even consider eating food although it looked damn good. The other thing was that I didn't have my camera on me so no pics from me..The gallery guest book and my own guest book received a number of comments during the opening.
After the reception we my many gal pals and I headed upstairs for a private after party in which I could unwind..I believe it will take me awhile to take in this day. I feel such pride in myself that I began and finished each piece that was present today in the gallery.

Again Thank you for being here today and those that weren't I could feel the energy that u were sending my way. One of the highlights for me was my daughter Taylor couldn't be present in body but was with us on Skype...there are some benefits to technology and distance.

Divergence BINGO:
This variation in the game bingo was created by my friend Heather Knox especially for the month long show.Many of my pieces are made up of little pieces.
Are you up for the challenge?

Explore Rhonda’s exhibit. Look closely. See if you can find five images in a row. Up/down across or diagonal. All images can be found tucked away in the art pieces. Bonus point for finding all of 25 of the images

Stay Tuned for Divergence Part 3 Gallery Tour
Happy Prideful Weekend!!!

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