Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gallery Tour..."Divergence 3"

The gallery tour consists of 11 months of studio work...when I was accepted one year ago as Artist In residence I began writing and sketching out some of my ideas and there were many floating about in my head...Looking at my many things in the studio that I had collected more ideas began to flow. I would have to say that the pieces told me how they wanted to be formed although at times I would offer much resistance instead of listening/being with the piece.

The lesson that was constant for me was "Walk Away" until I was ready to go with the flow.

Many people have asked me what is my favorite piece..."They Call Me A Person of Color" I tend to be more vocal regarding issues about being a Black Womin but I had such a strong pull to create something that spoke of and for me. Art is a true love and to have had this experience to go very deep take huge risks to open up has been quite a journey.

Thank-You to all that have supported me by purchasing my work,coming to the show,coming to my studio,assisting in big and little ways to bring it all together.

Thank You to Harrison Hot Springs & Ranger Station its an awesome place to live,create and be. Those of you that were unable to make to the gallery this tour is for you!!!!

Please enjoy

Its always my pleasure to know that you have dropped in....think of the comment section below as a guest book and write a hello..

If you have an interest in purchasing a piece email me and we can go from there...
I am now enjoying some downtime before my next full year begins....

In Artistic Solidarity;

1.Me and the garden goddess

2. Skeltons In The Closet

3. Altar # 1

4. Sand Box with Altered Tins

5. Hand Mirror "Elegant Illusion"

*6.Bright Blessings Altar (top piece sold)

7.Balance (Not for Sale)

8. Falling to Pieces

9. Buddah Travel (Not For Sale)

10. Siesta Light Box

11. Games People Play

12. Large Makena

13. Foodie Mirror

14.Peek A Boo

15. OM

16. Emotional Baggage

17.Tripicate Screen

18. Jacket.. "Crossing Borders"

19. Through My Lens

20. Look Within

21. Urban Sprawl

22. Plugged In

23. Large Frida Box

24. All the Worlds A Cage

25. Legs (SOLD)

I notice that a few pics are missing I shall return ........

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