Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am back to work in the gallery from 1-5pm Saturdays & Sundays after some time off.However I am not back in my studio creating until mid September as feeling like I need downtime from hands on work. My show comes down on August 1st,2010...after a very full month of activity.
My first solo show has been full of so many blessings and yes a few lessons just to balance it out.
Literally worked right up till noon day of artists reception....I couldn't have finished up the many little last minute details without the help of house guests Nancy & Lorie...the facts were if u come a calling days before the art show u were being put to work....needless to say it all got done although my stress levels were extremely high.
The day of artist reception early morning was upon me after 4 hours of sleep,the night before Nancy gifted me with her creativity of doing my head in Hena on my bald head..we started the process with cutting then shaving my truly in my humble opinion was a beautiful thing....normally every year I shave my head but have always kept some peach fuzz...this time it was all about the exposure..
Artist Reception Day:10:00 am a carload of friends from Vancouver arrived,thank goddess fresh energy they were put to work....
2pm opening was ticking closer and I was more than focused well ok scared to death..the hum and buzz of voices were all about me as I took care of really the very last minute details. Jody began videoing upon her arrival from Vancouver before it gets to hectic but have no fear the reception will be lucky I feel. So many feelings are demanding attention but there is no time...
Laurie and Terri arrive with the food...what I can remember is everyone jumps into lend a hand to bring it all together... Time is ticking closer to 2pm, people begin arriving in the gallery,meanwhile I walk about in circles doing alot of self talk that its OK,everything is OK....

Stay tuned for Part 2 of "DIVERGENCE"

In Artistic Solidarity;

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