Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoughts Become Things......

Howdy Ho Readers;
I hope this post finds your life full of abundance....Although i say that i am very aware that its challenging on so many levels for many of you right now,it just seems that so much is out of balance these days.
As i step into the studio daily and realize that time is ticking to meet this enormous deadline naturally stuff has arose which has impacted my creativity in one way or another,however i am in the studio even when i am creatively blocked there i sit or clean up the studio.I had a dream of one day being and doing art and today for the last six months I've done just that.Eat,Breathe,Talk Art what an amazing journey thus far its been. It has been much about self discovery and hmm i think maybe only a couple of layers have been peeled back.
I have so many of you to thank for your support which makes my work all the more full of meaning.Because been in overwhelm mode my mentor Luchia suggested that i write all my pieces down and what needs to be completed..Holy jumpings what a task before me...This is real what is happening here in the studio!!! My days begin anywhere from 6-7 am..the morning walk(dependant on weather) is a great kickstart as i allow my mind to wander and my body moves into balance.
I still continue to love my surroundings here...the peace and quiet are my best friends
What i am trying to say as each day when i step over the threshold into the studio i find out what i am made of and its alot ,the good,bad and the ugly but still there is a part of me that holds back..not quite sure what is going to come out of me.There are surprises from when i began in my head thinking of what i was going to create,my head had some pretty strong ideas,the heart and soul translated what truly needed to be created through my hands.
Thoughts truly do become things but i think that u are not told that they have to get by your heart and soul first...
The above pics are pieces that are in progress...Do something for me actually for yourself. take time for u,treat u in a way that u want to be treated.!!
To Thine Own Self Be True and rock on in the creative world.....
In Blessed Artistic Solidarity;

P:S.....I've chosen to share the pics with you but i am not going to put a name to the pieces at this time..Please be aware theses pieces are all in progress...

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  1. Love how the jacket is coming along! Can't wait to see it in person :)