Monday, December 21, 2009

Creative Fire

Hey is that u? well its me...
Happy Solstice All!!!! my title is pretty fitting as of late there has been a creative fire raging inside of me,quite a bit of my off time is now spent in the studio creating away and i am loving whats coming out of me thus far. Which brings me to say i am sorry for those social invites that I've turned down to celebrate the holidays. Solstice has always been my big winter celebration that i do focus on,this year like last will be very quietly spent alone with the fur babies and nature.

I've been struggling alot with being here in the gray and some snowy weather as i grieve for soaring temps,blue skies and warmth of the sun. My holidays are very low key as i don't subscribe to the consumerism that is associated with Christmas,last year i was so impacted by the Mexican celebrations that i am making different choices. Although i did step out on Saturday to a house party in Abbotsford in which i had a great time,it didn't hit me that i needed that social contact with others.

Ya know i do this blog so that i can document my year here as AIR (artist in residence) i appreciate all the feedback from u and its been a surprise at how many of u do read my babble..thanx for the emails,letters ,cards & phone calls.

Luckily the creative fire continues so i will take full advantage of it and roll with it. The pics above open the sanctuary to give u glimpses into the creative workings...this is short and sweet today as i am gonna wander back into the studio.I wish each and every one of u Blessed Holidays.

Bright Blessings;


1. card received in mail today from my dear Garry,this is a painting he did of the funky building i live/work in if u look close its the back of the building that faces the lake...a light is on in one of the windows which is my studio. a window is open in my bedroom,the back door i go in and out of. Main floor is the gallery,festival of the arts offices. second floor is my studio and living space.

2.This is a big ass dictionary that i picked up at thrift store for a piece i am working on.this is the before

3. This is the after of the outside of on pic for close up

4."A touch of elegance" repurposed on pic for close up

5.some of my work and projects on display at the gallery downstairs

6.Destiny in one of the positions that i love SLEEPING!!!!

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