Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rhonda and Kasper have left the Building.....

Howdy All;
After two years of creativity as Artist In Residence at Ranger Station Art Gallery..I have moved on!!!
its sad on one hand but there have been many rewards from this experience and the wonderful connections that were made.Realizing a living dream of a live/work space while exercising and challenging my creative skills..How fantastic is that..

I will miss the sounds of the boats on the water,the serenity and the beautiful landscape.Its been alot of work since May to downsize for my next dream.....MEXICO!! yeah babies. but things to do and some people to see before i blast off.
The packing etc was not the only things that was being tackled at the casa,I'd been asked to create a piece for an upcoming workshop in Hope on racism...so without further intro here is my piece called "Jungle Fever"
Jungle Fever speaks to ongoing racism that consistently is dialogued throughout the world.

This Mixed Media piece addresses how multi layered racism is. The black and white flowers are pretty like flowers are,however ones perspective can be the black and white of the subject matter(or is it) or just enjoy the flowers ignoring what the obvious issue is.

The Jungle Fever piece is busy not quite knowing where the viewer should begin..there are little stories and many subtleties throughout the piece.

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe..We have all heard this one from our childhood,trying to catch a Negra by its toe.

My Picture..The words written across my face are associated with the many names/labels that blacks have been called throughout ages.
I am black,no i am colored,no i am a person of color,no i am dirty,no i am a negra,no i am Afro Canadian and so on etc.

Black Market..Racism continues in the 21st century to be about those that are in power as to how its addressed,truly one can buy anything on the black market including persons of color.

As we the world progresses,there is much fanfare "to deal" with and put and end to racism.We are not even close but further away as technology replaces face to face contact allowing society to use a computer as a front to racism.
Jungle Fever digs,touches and confronts the assault of racism on this artist as a black,colored,person of color.


  1. Extremely powerful piece!! Both your art and writing! Thank you for describing your artwork! You can't know how much I appreciate that! Good luck on your new adventures! Wishing you love and light!! I hope you will keep us updated about Mexico!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Giggles;
    Updates on Mexico will be a definite!!!

  3. You are on the MOVE! New adventure. Don't forget to get in touch. Safe journeys. Donna