Monday, August 22, 2011


Since i came out regarding my intentions of making Mexico home...the journey has proven to be eventful inside and out..The amount of prep work is staggering and i am only moving me and Kasper.Interestingly enough my gal pal Joyce is also making a move to Mexico although her transition is to Puerto Vallarta we've been a support for each other as we step outside the familiar.

There is always more than enough room for learning about self when major life decisions are made, again i see exactly what i am made of. The doors are beginning to close here, there isn't a sadness but an excitement of uncharted territory,the gypsy explorer is ready for another adventure.

I've always been a risk taker and this is just another one to do. Resourceful has been a life walk for me however its not easy as in this case it would have been a whole lot easier to have piles of money to throw at every aspect of this move,this is not the case for me or the way(sigh) I've had to employ a hell of alot of faith and trust plus the support from friends during those dark moments as i hang on the side of the cliff...
Did u know that i have a huge fear of heights? however i have lived much of my life in a literal/abstract sense on the edge as i adventure into one thing or another..Some may think its foolish or is it soul -full,but u have to figure that out for who u are.

One foot in front of the other is truly easier said then done..This last month I've delighted in planned and spontaneous times with friends..I've loved every visit with you.

The several loose ends will get tied up this week,then its a wee bit of decompression and Blast Off.....Pretty soon I'm gonna jump right off that cliff with THE ACTION BEING(holy shit) , my heart in my mouth and without a parachute..its all Angel Wings Baby lol lol

The card in the pic picked this morning Stay In Your Own Skin is from the deck Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards(Sonia Choquette)

In Artistic Solidarity;

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