Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SoleMate Reception Part 1

The day of the show outside was overcast with bursts of rain but inside it was all sunshine!!! I am beyond exhausted at this writing so it will be brief and I will return with pics from the reception next week.
An artist is not an island unto themselves...I have many people that have my gratitude for bringing Solemate into real time,Thank You so much for making Saturday such a big success!!! It truly does take a community to support an artist..How blessed I am...Please stay tuned for the picture and story updates next week.
There were many that came out on Saturday and I so appreciate that...Throughout the last several months I have been asked countless times where to next Rhonda? and so I made an announcement at the reception that I will be creating my homebase in MEXICO at the end of August 2011 more on that will come in upcoming blog posts...I had hoped to tell u face to face but here it is...
stay tuned for a new newsletter in the next week if u are not subscribed(Ann u are subscribed) then drop me an email and I will add u.
The above pic is a small part of the many displays of the Solemate show and Kasper is hanging about...The show continues until May 29th 2011 hours of operation are Mon-FRI 9:00- 4:00 PM Sat & Sun 1:00- 5:00pm
In Artistic Solidarity;

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