Friday, January 29, 2010

Create 2010...................

Salutations Dear Readers;
Warm hello's from the outback of Harrison Hot Springs....yes its becoming usual that its taking me time between postings but here I be right now. As up glanced at the title your probably wondering yeah what??? I for one do not make News Years resolutions not quite sure when I dropped it .Resolutions felt loaded with lots of pressure plus the fact that they never lasted past a month.
So I liked the idea of picking a word for the year and integrating it throughout my life. How fitting that I chose create as it speaks volumes this year doing the residency programmed.

1: to make or bring into existence something new
2: to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior
3: to produce through imaginative skill
My plate is quite full right now with Studio creativity,projects&deadlines..growing up unlike others I didn't hear finish everything on your plate,well I'm now in a position that my plate must be cleaned before I take second helpings from the creativity buffet.
January I've had a temporary house guest,my gal pal Mary...its interesting how ones daily routine becomes modified.Although I have been able to be in my studio it amazes me how distracted I got with someone else here. Looking forward to full on focus once again now that I begin the familiar dance of routine.So please don't take it personally when I don't return phone calls&emails promptly,it will be more likely in a timely manner.
Studio process has been insightful I started out with some strong ideas on some of my pieces, the present evolvement of work is way different than I could imagine and I'm surrending to what needs to be created despite the fact that some of it is hard.
Mary was a wonderful studio voice with suggestions,praise,ideas,names for pieces and even witnessing her wade into her own creativity. The cockles of my heart are warmed when I see people speaking and working in creativity(Art is my heart).Tuesday was a wonder filled day starting off with my morning walk then studio time.around 1pm my outside doorbell rang which Mary answered,at the bottom of my stairs I hear a knock and a deep baritone voice saying" Rhonda do u want to go out on the boat" Well yeah!!! so away we go on Harrison Lake,the sun was high the water clear like glass. There were four of us thoroughly enjoying being on the water puttering away in the sailboat called "Mellow Yellow"(owned by Ernie and Irene).
As much as I am hooked on routine spontaneity is routines partner both grace my life.
Its hard to believe that end of next month 6 months of residency will embrace me.
Thanx so much for stopping in and reading the blog...I appreciate u being there.This year is an experience that is worth sharing with others.
Remember Create A Way.....
In Artistic Solidarity;

Pics(click on pic for closer view)

1.My 2010 word

2.Piece in progress

3."Mellow Yellow" Sailboat

4.A view of my place from the boat

5.kewl rock sculpture

6.Paula,Ernie(owner of boat) and yours truly, Mary took the pic

7.ATC workshop that i host on Friday nights in the gallery

8.Miss. Destiny who is now fixed (Awomyn)

9.Eagles and we also saw a seal(no pics of seal)

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