Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving Right Along...

Amiga's and Amigo's;
I had a wonderful creative last week and wanted to share....again i feel so blessed with the wonderful dear friends that i have in my life and my diverse experiences with them. The beginning of the week began with seeing a friend who whisked me off to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the "Dutch Masters" can I say Wow what an incredible show,It was so amazing to see how the artists work with light.Its like u could step into the painting the reality was mind blowing..

After we had a wonderful lunch at the upscale Vancouver Hotel..I was feeling like a total queen diva for the day. The hotel has little boutiques that we wandered through bootiful things!!!
The hotel has a very sweet mascot named "Lucy". I literally floated home creatively and soulfully filled up.......Thanx Lynne.

Near the end of the week i had my first intuitive painting experience....My facilitator Luchia who is a dear friend supported me through the process i gotta tell ya i am hooked wanting to challenge myself with this medium. I spent the whole day with Luchia not just painting but getting to know her inner city hood,we strolled over to the Chinese gardens in the middle of inner city it was very tranquil and quite unexpected.

The in between days were also creative filled days i sure am enjoying the path in my life that i am strolling on. I have six weeks left in the city before i begin another new adventure,so i am taking full advantage with loads of gratitude for where,what,who that i have right now....

Thanx for reading along....

In Artistic Solidarity;

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