Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Play Dates.........................

Well as my days are numbered here in the city,i truly am making the best of it before i move on.
Its been a fun filled creative summer thus far and i am loving the heat..for the most the intense heat has been an annoyance but for me it brings fond memories of Mexico.

Play dates have peppered my day timer and I've jumped in with creative abandon!!! Thanx so much to all that I've had play dates with its been appreciated very much.

The pictures are as follows....

Top Pic.....Twassen...this was a hiking day...Vancouver truly has beautiful spots!!
Second Pic..... Beach Creativity at Point Roberts August Long Weekend
Third Pic.... Love these Funky altered shoes...Point Roberts(Blue Heron Gallery)

Remaining Pics...My Art Play Day with Violette http://www.violette.ca/

This was such an awesome day and Violette is a natural facilitator with all things creative..The pics are her faboo home and studio..gotta love the purple!!! on this day i was making talking heads..

We are never too old for play dates with family& friends.....Well time to say chow for now cause I'm off to play...

In Artistic Solidarity;

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